Thursday, 7 December 2017

Romeo and Juliet brief paragraph

In Term 3 in English, our main focus was poems. The poem we read was Romeo and Juliet. Two or three or more students were to stand in the front of the class and read scenes while the rest of the class follows by. I was one of the readers. The words in the books were a bit tongue twisting but we still managed to understand the word meanings. We then had to translate the words and answer questions to show our understanding about each scene. It was a lot of work. Reading, translating the words, and answering the questions. Our class did this through out Term 3 and quarter of term 4. We stopped at Scene 5 Act 3, leaving half of the book. 

Before we started our exams, we had to write about one of the actors profiles. The actor I chose was Benvolio, Romeo's cousin. Below is my description about Benvolio. 

Benvolio is one of the main characters in the story. He is one the Montague’s most close relative, he is Romeo’s cousin. Later on in the story where Tybalt is killed by Romeo, Benvolio had to report to Prince Escalus how Romeo came to kill Juliet’s cousin.

In the beginning of the story, Benvolio was told from Lord and Lady Montague together that they are having trouble handling Romeo’s strange recent behavior. Hearing their explanation about Romeo’s behaviour, Benvolio became to realise that Romeo is hiding some kind of feelings. When he had the chance to be with Romeo alone, he found a way to make Romeo express his feelings that he’s been hiding. Romeo was madly in love with a woman that doesn’t love him back so he’s being wandering sick.

Matariki Concrete Poem: 7 Cherished Sisters

Also in Term 2 in English, our class has been looking at concrete poem. It
was also the time of the year where Matariki arrived. So our concrete poems
were easily based on Matariki. Each student had to write their own poem
about the Matariki. We then had to put the words into a shape that relates to
the Matariki. My shape was the stars because the seven glowing circles appear
to be stars. This is my very own Matariki concrete poem called "7 cherished

Short Stories: Fish Heads (Theme)

In Term 2, our English class were learning about Short stories. So we read
a short story called "Fish heads" and got into groups. Each group had been
given a topic from the story, our topic about the short story was the theme.
This is a presentation that my group and I worked on to present and explain
the theme of the story fish heads.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

My 2017 English Autobiography

This is my first English presentation that I have completed in college. It is
my autobiography. This will introduce myself and my background.
I hope you learn something new about me.

Friday, 29 September 2017

Election results 2017

Image result for nz election party leaders
I personally think that the New Zealand elections is complicated. None of the parties has yet being named to be government because they don’t have the majority seats, 61. Therefore both big parties (Labour and National) are trying to make up a good deal with NZ First to combine with them so they can gain the majority seats.  I think that NZ First should join up with Labour so that Labour can have the most seats and govern NZ. This type of government system is called Mixed Member Proportional.
I personally think that New Zealand should change the party that will govern the country for the next three  years. I think that Labour will make a good change for New Zealand and also make everyone happy. Getting rid of poverty, violence and increase the money rates so that their can be a new change in New Zealand. A different, better life of living.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Party Policies Vote

In Social Studies I studied Political Party policies of Education, Housing and Health. As you can see below there are 3 paragraphs written. Each paragraph is about either education, housing, or health. These paragraphs were written by myself to show which party I vote for and what policies I agreed with. But all 3 paragraphs had myself voting for 3 different parties.

The Education Policy...
My vote would be for Party D, I have identified the real party behind these policies and found that it was all National. I strongly agree with the education policies of National because it’ll help NZ education improve the national standards. Like making sure there is an option for all students to learn a second language in school. This’ll help them discover and learn a new language they haven’t noticed before.  Increasing funding for digital education initiatives would also help students learn more about the outside world using the digital education. This is why I strongly support party D because it’ll help our education improve and also help most of our future students education get to standards.  

The Housing Policy...

My vote would be for Party D, I have identified the real party behind these housing policies and found that it was all Green Party. I strongly agree with the education policies of Green Party because it has good recommended policies. These policies would answer people’s needs like making a way to end homeless quick. Building houses will provide homes for families that are looking for homes. It’ll also help families that have recent migrant relatives find a home instead of bunching in one small house. This is why I strongly support party D because it’ll end the homelessness, and provide plenty of homes for families. It’ll also help the future live safely and happily with no poverty happening.

The Health Policy...
My vote would be for Party C,  I have identified the real party behind these health policies and found that it was all . I strongly support the health policies of NZ First because it is suitable recommendations for the NZ health. The NZ First health will help the New Zealand health improve a lot. I strongly agree that we need to  review the amount of affordable healthy foods in our community and in homes. Some families might be too carried away with just sweet - sugary foods with less other nutrient foods. We also need to review the accessibility of safe spaces in communities for exercise and for play spaces. The reason for this is because there are too many accidents happening with young children not being safe. Sometimes there are too many houses and other products being built leaving less space for the children to play around. This is why I support Party C health policies because it has good presence and it especially can help New Zealand health improve.

But overall, the Party that I would vote for in 2017 would be National. The reason why I picked National is because they have good and interesting Education policies. Personally, I think that Education is the most important subject in my life right now. I want Education to run fair and good in New Zealand so that there will be no issue's with families or students with their Education. I think that Education is the most important issue in New Zealand. I personally find that Education is New Zealand's one and only hope to have the country a better future. Therefore my vote overall is for National due to my priority, Education.
Image result for national party
But before I made the choice of my final Party, I was surprised that it would turn out to be National. In my life, I have grown up knowing that I would always be against National. My Party that I have personally set a goal to always vote for Labour. But I was very surprised to end up voting for National. The reason why I wanted to vote for Labour was because I've heard different stories of Labour recommended stories to end NZ poverty and such things. But I am glad now that I have finally explored party policies and know the truth of policies for New Zealand's best.

Friday, 8 September 2017

State of Opening Parliament

The new start of Opening Parliament take 2 days. On the first day of opening, every single member of the parliament has to be sworn in. They have to put their hand on the bible and swear that they will take their work position seriously and be faithful. This process is called taking the oath of allegiance. Once all members in Parliament has sworn in, they then choose their Speaker of the House.  The party with the most members and has won the latest election has the most power to choose the Speaker, they can even elect one of their members to be the Speaker of the House. On the second day of opening, the Governor - General’s messenger is then sent to the Big Hall also known as the debating chamber. The Governor - General’s messenger is called the Usher of the Black Rod. The Usher is sent to the debating chamber to order the members of Parliament into the Legislative Council Chamber.

During the second day of Opening State of Parliament, the Governor - General gives a speech to the Parliament. This speech is called “Speech from the Throne”. This speech from the Governor - General is a speech for the Parliament for their preparations for the next 3 of Government plans. Also on the second day, the door of House of Representatives is locked for the start of State Opening. It is a symbolic of showing that the House is independant of the Sovereign. To open the door, the Usher (Governor - General’s messenger) with his Black Rod must knock on the door 3 times where’s the Serjeant - at - Arms then allows the door to be opened. The Sergeant - at - Arms is the House of Speakers representative. This is where the Usher presents the MP’s to the Legislative Council Chamber where the Governor General is waiting. From 1984, a traditional Maori powhiri has been part of the State Opening of Parliament  

Monday, 21 August 2017

Branches Of Government

If I were a Prime Minister for a day....
If I had the opportunity to be New Zealand’s Prime Minister for a day, little things will be equaled with the big things. I would make the payment rates increase to its suitable. So that families can be happy with their income to pay their bills, and other priorities. Making it easy for the families to make their right choices. Another change that will occur would be the poverty. I will no longer allow the poor to become homeless and live on the streets, I’ll create departments for them to live in with no payments received or asked. I will do my best to represent NZ’s thoughts and concerns appear righteously. Hoping that everything will go well and that less complaints will show up. But this is only if I’m a Prime Minister for a day:)

Where parties sit in Parliament
As part of our Government task today, we recieved this link that shows where parties seat in Parliament - an example shown below. Under this photo has a table with questions that needs to be answered from the link. Click on the link and also explore the table to find out!
Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 8.13.13 pm.png
  1. What is the name of the speaker of the house?
David Carter (National)
2.  How many seats do each of these parties have?
  • National
58 National seats (including speaker)
  • Labour
31 Labour seats
  • Green Party
14 Green Party seats
  • NZ First
12 NZ First seats
  • Maori Party
2 Maori Party seats
  • Act
1 Act Party seat
  • United Future
1 United Future seat
3.  Find our Prime Minister Bill English.  Click on his parliamentary biography.

What was the date he was first elected?  
21st October 1990
4.  Find Jacinda Ardern in Labour and Click on her parliamentary biography.  What is her parliamentary role?
Leader of Opposition
5.  What parties do these MP’s belong to?

Jonathan Young
Nicky Wagner
Louisa Wall
Sarah Dowie
Clayton Mitchell
NZ First Party
Marama Fox
Maori Party
Barry Coates
Green Party
Stuart Nash

Friday, 11 August 2017


Image result for jacinda ardernToday in social studies, we had a task that contains latest article government's. As you can see I already have the article link below... as well as a paragraph that I wrote about what I read and what I think about the article. I also added a bit of my opinions on what I think about the new leader, Jacinda Ardern.  

Start: In the latest article that I read is about Labour's new leader Jacinda Ardern. The Newshub Reid Research poll was taken during the week after she replace Andrew Little as leader. The results of the latest poll with Jacinda Ardern the new leader of labour has the party up 9 points to 33 percent. Which had National down to 44 percent which is the lowest registered in this poll in the past 10 years. The rise of Labour’s registers was even higher than NZ First’s and Greens parties. NZ First’s down more than 3 points to 9%, with Greens down more than 4 points to 8%. With the Prime Minister's preferring stakes Bill English up to 27.7% where's Miss Ardern was up more than 17% to 26.3%. NZ First leader Winston Peters down at 10%. The poll surveyed a 1000 people and had a margin of error 3.1%. I think that the rise of Labour with Jacinda Ardern’s  register is a good thing. The rise of this labour will lead to path of Labour wining and also having NZ’s new Prime Minister - the 2nd woman prime minister. I want NZ to have a female prime minister so we can have new choices from different thoughts.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Food Groups

Last week while we were at our netball tournament, our health class learnt about fruit groups. We had to create a google drawing with 3 food groups - "Carbohydrates, Fats and Protein". Under each of these groups, we were to put 5 different kinds of food that suits the heading. After we created this google drawing, we had to write a paragraph between the differences of the food groups and the food under them.
As you can on the far left side is Carbohydrates. It has food that contains grain, fruits, and sweet potatoes. I forgot to put in some sweets like lollies and chocolate. Carbohydrate is all about food that is sweet. This one of the food groups that provides so much energy.
The middle group is Fats. As you can see under the name "fats" are pictures of fruit that pretty much holds a lot of fat. Avocados hold a lot of fat but it depends on the size of the fruit. Wheres coconut oil holds a lot of fat at about 100g. But the foods that I haven't put down was Mcdonald's and KFC.  These foods have chickens and other meat, but the reason why these will go under fat is because the meats are deep fried. Using a lot of oils. Fats can be useful at times to bodies as treats of performance on the field/court :)
Lastly protein. Some of the protein food/drinks are not grown from trees or made. Proteins are food that are mainly provided by living animals. For example milk from cows, eggs from chickens. But the best example from protein that I havn't got down is meat. Meat is obviously from animals. Eating this will build so much strength and energy in our bodies. Other food that can contain protein are nuts and spinach.
Well this is what I have learnt about food groups so far and I really enjoyed it. I now know what to eat and what not to eat at times I need it. I also know what to eat before I play on the courts, what will give me energy to play hard on the courts.   

Friday, 28 July 2017

Being Cyber Smart

Last week in health, my class played an online game called "Interland". This game was all about being cyber smart. It has 4 levels that needs to be done and passed. They all relate to being cybersmart online. Even though it was pretty annoying and takes long to finish, I still managed to finish it off properly. From the 4 lands(levels) I played, I learnt easy lessons. Like never give your password away because you'll never know what will happen. Or choose a hard password for your account so no one will take notice and hack into your account. From the game I received an online certificate which is above. I now know how to be more cybersmart. This is my very own interland certificate!

England Migration Model

This is my migration model that I created about England migration to New Zealand. This model shows the push and pull reason that causes the english to migrate. One of the push reasons why England started to migrate was that the numbers in England were getting too over populated. Wheres the pull reason is that New Zealand had plenty of free lands at the time. As you can see there is an arrow under the title saying "Mainstream Migration". Wheres another arrow in the bottom middle says "Counter Migration". The mainstream arrow is much thicker than the counter migration arrow. Why? Because more people from another land is migrating into another land, called mainstream migration. Wheres the bottom arrow is smaller because hardly anyone returned back to their lands, called counter migration. As part of my social studies work, this is part of what I've learnt. Enjoy my migration model! 

England Migrants

In term two I conducted a Social inquiry on Migration. My Social inquiry focussed on the movement of migrants from England to New Zealand. One of the push reasons why England left their country of origin was because in the 19th century, number of people were being sent to NZ by Lancashire because their country were getting too populated and there wasn't enough space for everyone. One of the pull reasons why they moved to New Zealand was because some workers in England were preferred by the New Zealand government in 1870’s. Some of these assistance were builders and agricultural labourers and were needed to work in another land which was New Zealand. Some of the obstacles they faced was that the land that they arrived on wasn’t theirs, it belonged to tribes that discovered the land before them. They basically were trespassing. The tribes weren’t happy with the situation. My personal perspective is that the plan of England migrating to New Zealand was a good idea. Why? Most of the things that are being used today was from England. Different types of sports that are known today like rugby, netball, soccer and more. Many different tastes of food that feeds the hungriness, proms and many other different useful things. Even though the english faced some serious problems when they arrived, they still managed to get over it and enjoy life in New Zealand. The fact that England migrated to New Zealand in the beginning was a great idea!

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Miss Robertson Migration Story

On Monday, our teacher Ms Robertson invited her mother to come in and speak to our class about why she migrated to NZ. The reason why she was asked to speak about her migration story was because our social studies class was learning about migration. She told us the story about her migrating to NZ and we had questions to be answered. Here are the questions and answers about her story.

1. How many years has Ms Robertson been in NZ ? (think about what year she arrived in NZ)
She arrived in 1962, so she’s been in NZ for 55 years
  • Push: She was a only 18 years old when she came to NZ on her own.
  • Pull: She payed for her sister and brothers fairs

2. What sort of work did she do when she first arrived in NZ ?
She worked at the hospital in Cornwall Auckland.
  • Push:She didn’t understand the language and she was new to the life of NZ
  • Pull: She asked questions about what to do everytime and she knew what to do and enjoyed the job.

3. What do you remember about how Mrs Robertson was brought up by her parents ?
Her parents was the 1 voice that they all had to listen to because they had better ways of doing life.
  • Push: The kids weren’t allowed to talk back to their parents because they’ll give them a hiding.
  • Pull: They obeyed their parents, the words that her parents gave them helped their lives become easier

4. What was the main reason why Mrs Robertson was sent to NZ ?
To come to New Zealand and work to get money, so she can send it to her family in Samoa to build their expected home. But mostly have a better life in NZ.
  • Push: She was the only family member that was sent to NZ to work and get money for their family in Samoa
  • Pull: It was a good opportunity for her because when she finished helping her family in the islands, she enjoyed her life.

5, What did she do with her first Pay packet ?
  Every week she got her pay packet, she sent it to Samoa to help build their home.
  • Push: She had to put money together and every week she’ll have to go and send it to Samoa
  • Pull: She’s using her money wisely by sending it to Samoa to their family, to help them with the house.

6.What things did she need help with  when she first came to NZ ?
When she came to New Zealand she needed help speaking english because she was in NZ.
  • Push: Not knowing how to speak english can be a problem when she’s working because part of the job is to ask questions and she wasn’t a confident speaker.
  • Pull: She can learn a new culture and have it as a second language

7. What did you enjoy or find most interesting about Mrs Robertson story ?
I enjoyed the way she described her journey migrating to New Zealand from Samoa. She had a good reason why she came to NZ and work hard for.

  • Push: She was expected to come to NZ by herself without any of her family members. She also didn’t know how to speak english when she arrived.
  • Pull: She was the first member in her family to experience a new life and try new things. Also she learnt how to speak a new culture which was english. She lived a better, easier life.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Migration Model

This is my google drawing that I created about Migration. Something new I learnt from this activity was pull and push reasons. This was another way of negative and positive reasons - push(negative), pull(positive). So I wrote 3 reasons each about both headings why people migrate from Tokelau to New Zealand. But there's concepts by migrating - obstacles that'll block people's ways from migrating. Some of the concepts that can stop people from migrating to other countries is migration papers. Having to sign heaps of papers to consider official migrate. Also they might not have the money to pay for the passports and papers. This is my diagram about Migration Model.

Friday, 9 June 2017

My 1st College Exam

Sitting the Mid Term Exams :

Last week was mid - year exams for the school. It was my very first time doing college exams. It was for 2 hours!!. But I managed to get pass and done with it. I had 5 exams - maths, science, english, Maori, and social studies. I found these 2 hour exams annoying and frustrating. The subject I found these 2 things in more oftenly will probably be maths. Because people were talking and throwing things around when I was trying to focus. It was an exam. Also I found a little difficulty in some of the maths work that was being answered. But I think I did pretty good in maths.

But the exam that I think I was really good at was social studies. Why? Because before the subject exam, I was studying really hard on social studies because there were heaps of things I learnt. So I put in my effort in this exam and expected I’ve done my best to my standards.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Keyboard Warriors

What are keyboard warriors?
Keyboard warriors is when people go on social media and write down what ever they want about other people. Most people can say bad things they like and post it up on social media. Where the other person doesn't know who wrote the post that was about them.

Why are there keyboard warriors?

One of the reasons why I think there are keyboard warriors is because those people wants to get attentions and be known for making fun of the person they dislike. One other  reason is that keyboard warrior is easier because no one knows who is doing it. It would also take a lot of courage for the person to say it in other people's faces. 

What can we do to help stop keyboard warriors?
Making sure no one is doing this. Or keeping track of the keyboard warrior person that is wanting to do this. Also let other people know when other people is being a keyboard warrior.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Clean digital footprints

Today we had Health and we learnt about Cleaning digital footprints. The message from our work was to clean up our digital footprints for our name to be good and have a good reputation. Our teacher gave us 5 video clips to watch and it was about how to be tidy on social media. After that we had to create a google drawing, writing in 5 points from what we learnt in the video clips we watched.

This is my google drawing that I created with 5 points I picked up from the video clips. 

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

My Social Media Footprint

This is a google drawing of mine that I just created in Health. We had to create our own footprints and add in the current apps/sites we've been on in the last 48hours. As you can see that on the bottom of the footprint is a large photo of google drive and apps around it that relates. The reason why we are learning about SM is because we have been using SM alot, leaving behind bad/good footprints. I learnt today that everything that we do using wifi is not private as we think it is. What I'm going to do from now on is to always leave a smart footprint, because I'll never know when someone's watching me.  

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

My well-being(health)

In this photo, there are 5 logs that represents my well being. This includes God in the center and my outsides, parents, sports, education and my siblings. Wheres my family is the bottom where everything comes out of like God. My family introduced god to me. Where's my roof would be my culture. My culture is very important to me. My culture is the reason why I'm like this. Reason why I am respectful, helpful, and many other positive things. My ancestors taught me these things. My outside is my friends because they are always there for me. This is my Well Being.  

Wednesday, 1 March 2017


Wharetapu wha
  1. Physical: Body, running, sleeping, food
  2. Mental/Emotional:Mindset and Feelings
  3. Spiritual: Beliefs and Values
  4. Social: Family and Friends

What is Hauora?A hauora are 4 walls together to build your health. The 4 wall names are Physical, Mental/Emotional, Spiritual, and Social.
Physical: What I like to do for physical would be keeping myself active. Like playing sports such as rugby, netball, touch, and volleyball. Sometimes I like to go for a run with my older brothers because my sisters doesn’t bother. I also balance my food like eating healthy food and island food at the same time.

Mental/Emotional: Everyday 24/7, I enjoy being happy with my friends and my family. But then when something unusual happens I’m not myself but my peers are always around to help me be myself. Like funerals, when someone has passed we gather around those who are uncomfortable. We all laugh together and we also cry together.

Spiritual: As an islander, my parents push us children to go church every Sunday. From my generations, we believe that Jesus is our god and savior. We are known as Christians. So this means that church is not an option in our lives. We go church to receive the blessing and the strength that our god gives us.

Social: My family and friends are the best things that has happened in my life. They are always there for me and I really appreciate it. When there are sad times, we all feel the same way. Family and friends would be my top priority in my life.