Friday, 29 November 2013

Worms for Dinner

This Google drawing is about Worms,have a look and please leave me a comment ,Thank you.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Going to Ambury farm

This is my writing about how we went to Ambury farm for our trip, it was on Tuesday. So have a look and I hope you enjoy . Please leave me a comment,Thank you.

“Yay” it was it was trip day today and we were going to Ambury farm. As Mr Burt was doing the prayer I was thinking if we are going to ride horses on the farm. It took us 30 minutes by bus to get there. When we got out of the bus it was raining so we waited under the shed for it to stop.

Miss Ouano went to check if there was anyone at the back,we ate our morning tea then we went into the barn. Debbie was explaining to us what we were going to do and what we were going to play. As soon as we finished playing the matching game we got into two groups. In our group was  room 13 and some of room eighteen.  

We went straight in the shearing shed which is where they shear the sheep for wool. Our teacher was Janine. She let us go in and when I walked inside it  was smelly, the air was muggy and stuffy. I felt like I was going to spew and I couldn’t even breath. Janine showed us the sheeps wool and how they shear the sheep. Janine gave us the dirty wool and said “feel it ,smell it, and don’t forget to put it on your skin”. Ashley gave to me and when I touched it I threw it away. After that we swapped with the other class. Man I never want to go back in there.

In the milking shed Debbie showed us the equipment and what she was going to do . She went out and got a giant cow. Debbie milked her. The she let us touch the cow and find out what her name was. I went and looked around and on the the was a little yellow paper with number 136 on it. I called out number 136 but Debbie said that we were wrong ,it was Mrs T .

After that we split up into three groups and we went different ways. Miss Lavakula’s   group  went to the beach , “How lucky” . Janine and our group went to feed some animals and those animals were ,Cows ,Pigs, Sheep,lambs goats, and Chickens . For feeding animals my favourite was Cow , Chickens , Goats , and sheeps. The best is the goats because one goat was call Mr big because he was enormous , it always licks my hand , it was ticklish and I also got to touch his beard.

It was an awesome day and that was my second time at Ambury farm, my first time at Ambury farm was when we came with my family for holiday. What I hate about the farm is the smell and the poos on the grass ,I tried not to step on it.

Friday, 22 November 2013

How to make Cheese

Hi my name is Taunese and I have created a presentation of how to make cheese so have a look and don't forget to leave me a comment thank you.

Missing the bus

Hi my name is Taunese and I am going to tell you a story about a Girl and her Mum always missing the bus.Every day they always miss the bus.So one day they got up the bus but the bus went away so they chased the bus until it went close to the traffic light.”I have an idea,that bus will stop at the traffic light and we will catch up” said Mum “Great idea” mum said Emma.But the light was green and the bus still went so they walked all the way to school.When they got to school
mum said “for now on we should walk all the way so that we can save our money and when it’s raining lets catch the bus” said Mum .And so they walked everyday to school.

The moral of the story is it good to exercise and never catch the bus because you will miss it only if you are on time.

My Acrostic Poem

This is my Acrostic poem about My name please have a look and leave me a comment thank you.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Maori Prayer

As you can see I have a Presentation about a Maori Prayer,so have a look and listen to my Audio boo.Please leave me a comment thank you.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Athletics 2013

It was Athletics day and the sun was shining bright,but at the end it was raining.This is a   story of me writing about Athletics day.So have a look and please leave me a comment thank you.

On Friday we had Athletics day and I was Buzz of excitement.It was a perfect day for us to do Athletics.We four house colours and their name are Matatua which is green,the second house colour is Te Awara which is Red,the third house colour is Tainui which is Blue, the last house colour is Takitimu which is the best out of all of them and the colour is Yellow .

When the bell went all of the classes had to line up in their group age and wait for Mr Burt to tell them what to do.After Mr Burt did the Prayer the year 5 girls went withs us to our first activity which is Sprints.

Mr Burt told that we are doing 75m first and then 100m,on 75m I came first and then when it the real one I came second to last because I slipped,But on 100m I did not make it.Our next activity was Discus and I went straight to number 3 and stayed there for a long time until Liz made me get out at the last part but anyway I had another turn.Our third activity was Javelin and our teacher was Mr Barks.We had to do 7 activities and that was Sprints,Discus,Javelin,Tiger war, Skipping rope,Shot put and High jump.On High jump we didn't get to High jump because it was raining so Mrs King cancelled it.

But any ways we get to finish High jump on Monday at Lunch time.I had so much fun at Athletics.I can’t wait till next year.                                                                

Manaiakalani Film Festival 2013

This is my writing about us going to Sylvia Park for Film Festival.Here is 3 paragraphs to read.So have a look and I hope you enjoy and Please leave me comment thank you.

On Wednesday we went to Sylvia Park for Film Festival.We left after Morning tea.I was so excited to see those wonderful movies.As we were in the bus I was sitting with my two buddies,their names were Katareina and Elizabeth.While we were in the bus our teacher told us if we want to play singing competition against the boys so we played.

After we Played singing competition we arrived at Sylvia Park,Sylvia Park was so massive and there were over one hundred stores.When we walked inside we were so excited because we got to sit on the couches.In front of us was a big screen.Mr Burt told us it was called extreme screen.After Mr Burt said his speech we got to see 14 movies.My favourite movie was room 15’s because it was a movie about showing Manners and respect.Then we went back to school and it was Lunch time.

It was so fun at Sylvia Park,man I can’t wait till next year for Manaiakalani film festival 2014.            

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Tongan Dance

On Monday our Group read a Book called Mele's Money dance, it was all about Mele getting so nervous and didn't want to dance.It  was all about Tongan dance.Here is a Google Drawing all about Tongan dance so have a look and please leave me a comment.

Kapa Haka

Last week on Monday our group Kiwi fruits read about a book called Kapa Haka.I learn't so much so I used Google Drawing to explain what is Kapa Haka all about .Here is a Picture that has some words so Have a look and I hope you learn things from this.Please leave me a comment Thank you.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Dairy Farm vs Beef farm

This is my Venn diagram that I created,I hope you get any ideas and please leave me a comment thank you.