Thursday, 10 December 2015

Maasai Tribe

Today for inquiry we were learning about how the Maasai tribe live.  The Maasai
tribe is a lot different from other country's that I've learnt about. Here is a presentation
that I have created showing the information about the Maasai Tribe.

2015 Relection

How do you feel about this year? In the beginning of 2015 I was in Room 3, I was nervous because I would be in a class mixed with Yr 8 students. I was also nervous about my friends and I getting split up in different classes for the first time. I was also nervous about being noticed by the whole team 5 block.
- -Room 3 Yr 7 & 8 2015- -

What did you especially satisfying this year? What I was happy about was starting a new year off with making new friends, improving my learning, playing sports with new teammates, getting to know teacher, being a leader to the school, and improving my life. We will be attending Tamaki College every Thursday for technology, and that we will be  attending many events such as ASB Poly-fest, Yr 7  Rainbows End trip, Malama honua, Parakai, Manaiakalani film festival and many more.                                                     

- - Yr 7 Graphics Technology- -

- - Yr 7 & 8 Trip to Poly-fest- -
c.What did you find especially frustrating/difficult this year? Something frustrating  and difficult this year for me would be losing games for sports, and the most difficult thing was waking up early for school by 8:30am.  What was challenging for me the most was organizing myself for learning even though I don’t want to learn I always think of what I would be in the future.

d. If you were to to give yourself a grade out of 10 - 10 being awesome…what would
you grade yourself? Why?  9-10 because I've only missed 1 day of school this year, and even though I didn't make it to some teams I have never gave up to things that I was struggling with, and I've improved so many things this year
e. In what ways did you contribute to team 5 in 2015? Something that I have helped team 5 with was fundraising for our trips for 2015. The trip that I have been wanting to go to is Parakai where we can have fun with my friends, that is the trip that I have been fundraising the most.
- - Yr 7 Sorority Netball Team - - 
- - Yr 7& 8 girls Softball Team- -

f. What would you change for yourself in 2016? What I would change for myself in 2016 is making the right choices for what I say, where I go, and what I should do. What I would also change for myself is being a leader and leading other around the school.

g. What might you want next year’s teacher to know about you (things you’re good at)? I would want my teacher to know that I am pretty good at sports. I would also want my teacher to know where I come from and my age.  To know that I have a lot of friends.

h. What things might you want more help with?  I don’t need any help with other things but just reading because I am not really  a comfortable reader  , writing because I need to put more details and correct my writing, and maths because I need to improve more work. I would also need help with making the right choices for myself and leading the school in 2016.

- - Yr 7 trip to Rainbows end- -
i. What could you show your teacher from your blog to help her/him understand those things? What we have learnt at school, and that each and one of us has a blog each that we can post what we have learnt with our teacher throughout the week.  When we post a blog post, visitors can go on our blog and post a comment to show that they are interested with what we've learnt.
- - Yr 7 Sorority Netball Team- -

Friday, 4 December 2015

Kiwi kids news

Today at literacy we did something different from Reading and Writing. We
had the chance to visit Kiwi Kids News online and read the problems around
New Zealand. Here is a presentation that I've created about some of the
problems around New Zealand.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Think Board

Here is my think-board part of my numeracy work, I really enjoy doing this although it is kind of tricky it is good that I have my friends and the teacher to help me. Thank You!