Monday, 30 May 2016


As the door opened by itself, making the sound of screeching. Alma trespassing into a strange room filled with old ugly, creepy dolls. Then seeing the doll of herself in the center room. Desperate to get it,  walking towards the doll and nearly touching it. Something interrupts her moment. An old dusty doll riding his tricycle, as Alma makes it comfortable to ride around. It then rides straight to the open door, but the door just closes by itself. The old dusty doll was still trying to escape. To Alma it seems as it was desperate to get out. The word of “Strange” was in her head repeating. Looking back at the doll it was gone! It was like the doll was alive, giving Alma clues to follow her. She then saw the doll in the middle of the other old dusty dolls. She climbed the old chair, she reached out to the doll that looked exactly like her. But she wasn’t tall enough, she took one step on the shelves and took a second chance.

Crayon and chalk artwork

This term, we will be creating artworks. This is a picture that shows crayon and chalk artworks created by people 3 people including I from our class. On the left side is my own artwork that I have created and finished in one day. This artwork is supposed to be a dolphin swimming in the sea but turns out looking like penguin. The main point of this artwork was to blend the co lours together so it look real. It took me a long time to colour the whole thing and blend the colours well but I at the end I finished it of properly by dying the chalk into black.

Wool & Nail Art

This is a photo of my partner and I who has created a Wool and nail artwork. Last week on Friday, we had a rotation to move as a class to each artwork station. This station was about Wool and nail art. What we needed was a hammer, wood, nails and wool. First we had to hammer the nails into a shape of stars. At last we chose the colour red for our wool and wrapped it around the nails into a shape we wanted the star to look like.

Kiwi Kids News

Last week for our reading literacy activity, my group ruapehu had the chance
to learn about the last news from kiwi kids new.  My favourite news was about
Joseph Parker heading his way towards the World heavyweight championship
after wining a fight against Carlos Takam. Go through the presentation to find
out more.

Friday, 27 May 2016

My own art work Logo

This is a piece of artwork that I have drawn on  a paper and took a screenshot on my netbook. For the first time I've had the chance to create my own logo pattern. This is my logo and the main word that I have for this logo is "Fa'amalosi" translate, "be strong, be powerful". Also this artwork represents my house colour at school. The 2 powerful words is the sun and Stars for yellow, Hikianalia.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Revolution Tour

Last week Thursday afternoon we had a group called the Revolution Tour came to  perform for the year 7 & 8 Point England students only.  When our lunch break was over we went straight to the hall. When I walked into the hall I saw a group of people from the revolution tour prepared to entertain us. When the show was starting their leader Regi introduced himself and the team.

Reggie was talented by playing the Soprano saxophone. The first song he played was Let it go with Summer who was singing along. Reggie then told use 3 reasons why girls and boys are different. 1 of the reason I liked was that a woman will wreck her car trying to save the cat, and a man wrecking his car trying to kill the cat. Later on Reggie taught us a saying that we would use when we are feeling down and need encouragement. “ I CAN, YOU CAN, WE CAN, I GOT YOUR BACK!!!”. Reggie told us about his background which was so sad, that is why when he talks to us he encourages us to do our best because no matter what we do we are loved.

Revolution tour and Reggie made my day.

All about voyages

Here are my presentations about polynesian voyages. On top is a presentation
that I have filled out to show what I have learnt about Polynesian voyages. The
second presentation is if you need any advice for navigation there are some tips
to read.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Think Board

I luminate

 Illuminate dancers

“WOW” the Point England students  screamed as soon as the lights were turned off. Some visitors all the way from America had came to perform at Point England School. They were called the illuminate, dancing and glowing in the dark. The reason why these people were at our school was because the director has been watching our technology learning and thought it was awesome. So she brought some friends, the illuminate to perform at our school.

These dancers were talented by the hip hop actions. They were also creative by their costumes wearing full black and glowing in the dark. These people were good at inspiring little kids. They also inspired me! While I was watching the moves, I was asking a question to myself. “How long did it take these people to learn these moves”. When the lights came back on the dance was over. “Ooooohhhhh” the kids moaned, they wanted to see more. My highlight was watching the hip hop moves and seeing the lights change all the time. I think I’ve met my favourite dance group “ILLUMINATE”.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016


#Year 8 Marsden Camp#

Marsden A group
After leaving Point England School and Glen Innes we  were on our way to Marsden Christian Camp in Whangarei. In the bus I was trying to sleep but my mates around were being loud. It took us….3 hours to get there, but we survived.

When we got there, we all helped each other unload the 2 buses. After unloading the 2 buses, the owners, Michael and Venetia introduced themselves. We went for a walk around the field but then it started raining. Everyone, were eating except Rowana and I.

After finishing our lunches we settled into our cabins. We were in the first cabin where the girls were, cabin 9. In my cabin was Khaia, Marilyn, Rowana, Elizabeth U, Elizabeth G, Ava, Melenoa, and I. We couldn’t get into our activities because it was raining. Instead we had plan b which was learning about words. What I have learnt that day was Words are Powerful and it could hurt anyone if you use in a bad way. Later that day we had a saying, “Words are powerful, Walk the talk”.

Myself on flying fox
On the next day we finally got to do our activities. Our first activity was the flying fox. After putting on my harness I was ready to go first. Standing up high and getting ready to come down, I was so scared and nervous that I wanted to come down. When Mr Jacobsen finished doing my sling it was time to come down on the flying fox. While I came down, I didn’t worry about anything but just to hold on tight. When I got down I wanted to go again. After having 5 turns we had the water slide next.

The water slide was fun because the slide was long and slippery. The Push play was also fun because we got to play heaps of sports. My favourite Activity of the day was Kayaking. The reason why I liked kayaking was because we got to do a lot of activities on our canoes. I fell heaps of times.  I also got the chance to learn better and improve kayaking. Most of all was when Promise, Collin and I teamed up and capsized Miss Berry.

During free time I would play Volleyball with my friends and have fun. On the third day it was time for us to leave Marsden Christian Camp. What I have learnt at Marsden Leadership camp was to treat everyone equally and encourage our teammates and most of all choosing our words wisely.  Marsden Leadership Camp is AWESOME.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Swimming with sharks

This week our group Ruapehu read a story called Swimming with Sharks.
This story was about a boy in Tonga stuck in sea with his father and sister.
They were surrounded by ferocious sharks. This presentation shows
what I have read about the book.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Immersion Assembly Term 2

First day back to school for Term 2, it was Immersion Assembly. The Topic for Term 2 was As i see it. Looking around and watching teachers dressed in different costumes, it was for their item. Team 1 was first up, their focus for this term was Their favourite things. They will be changing their favourite things into Art and creating things.

Next up was Team 2, what they will be focusing on Seasons. Each class will have a season to learn about. They will each have a colour related to every season like bright red for the sun, and white for snow. Team 3’s whole focus for this term was architect. Building and designing houses that they want. Team 3’s movie was similar to a t.v programme called Grand Designs.

Team 4’s item was my favourite. Teachers were dressed in superhero costumes for their movie. There was Wondering Woman, Bat Guy, Team Leader America, and the Amatuer Heroes. They had a team name, “Teacher Avengers”. They will be creating their own comics. There was a movie playing  made by the Team 4 teachers, it was a comic. Team Avengers saved the Amatuer Heroes and took back the Bobby Jon’s Chromebook from bad Bear Baxendine.

At last was Team 5. Team 5 had  a House Competition Race. Mrs Tele’a was dressed in blue representing Hinemoana, Miss Berry was in red representing Te Aurere, Mrs Garden was dressed in Green representing Hokule’a, and Miss Sadler was covered in Yellow representing Hikianalia.  They were having a Waka Race, Hokule’a won the waka race. Team 5’s whole focus for term 2 is learning about our ancestors who brought up the 4 waka’s and turning it into Art.

This Term I will be looking forward to creating artworks and learning about the ancestors 4 waka. I am also looking forward to seeing all the other team's work  on PENN (Point England News Network). Keep checking my blog for the work that I will b doing this term.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Think board

First day back to school for Term 2. We are back to Numeracy class.
This week we are learning about multiplication and division. This is my
Think board that I have done using the strategy called Algorithm to
solve my problem. On top is a diagram that show my thinking.