Monday, 16 May 2016

I luminate

 Illuminate dancers

“WOW” the Point England students  screamed as soon as the lights were turned off. Some visitors all the way from America had came to perform at Point England School. They were called the illuminate, dancing and glowing in the dark. The reason why these people were at our school was because the director has been watching our technology learning and thought it was awesome. So she brought some friends, the illuminate to perform at our school.

These dancers were talented by the hip hop actions. They were also creative by their costumes wearing full black and glowing in the dark. These people were good at inspiring little kids. They also inspired me! While I was watching the moves, I was asking a question to myself. “How long did it take these people to learn these moves”. When the lights came back on the dance was over. “Ooooohhhhh” the kids moaned, they wanted to see more. My highlight was watching the hip hop moves and seeing the lights change all the time. I think I’ve met my favourite dance group “ILLUMINATE”.

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