Thursday, 19 May 2016

Revolution Tour

Last week Thursday afternoon we had a group called the Revolution Tour came to  perform for the year 7 & 8 Point England students only.  When our lunch break was over we went straight to the hall. When I walked into the hall I saw a group of people from the revolution tour prepared to entertain us. When the show was starting their leader Regi introduced himself and the team.

Reggie was talented by playing the Soprano saxophone. The first song he played was Let it go with Summer who was singing along. Reggie then told use 3 reasons why girls and boys are different. 1 of the reason I liked was that a woman will wreck her car trying to save the cat, and a man wrecking his car trying to kill the cat. Later on Reggie taught us a saying that we would use when we are feeling down and need encouragement. “ I CAN, YOU CAN, WE CAN, I GOT YOUR BACK!!!”. Reggie told us about his background which was so sad, that is why when he talks to us he encourages us to do our best because no matter what we do we are loved.

Revolution tour and Reggie made my day.

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