Saturday, 2 January 2016

2016 Leadership role


At the 2015 Point England School senior prize giving our school thanked the 2015 Prefects and House Captains for their work, support, and leadership. It was time to hand their role to the 2016 leaders. First Mr Burt had the 2015 Prefects and House Captains on the stage then he announced the Prefects first, "girls first" Mr Burt said, "Khaia, Ariana, Marilyn, Elizabeth G and now the boys, Collin, Jordan, John-lee, Tevita", everyone was cheering, these people had to shake the 2015 Prefects hands on the stage.

"And now the house captains" Mr Burt continues, The 2015 House Captains were on the stage, "Te Aurere(Red) Ashley and Matiu, Hokule'a(Green) Rowana and Sateki, Hinemoana(Blue) Elizabeth and Promise" Mr Burt says, as I was sitting their I was cheering for my friends. Then Mr Burt said my house colour, "Hikianalia(Yellow) Taunese....", I was surprised to hear my name and when I stood up, I saw my yr 8 friends cheering me on ".... and Te Mauri". When I went to shake Leila's hand I saw that she was happy for me. When we shaked each others hands we had to walk off. I was proud of myself as I walked of the stage.

Next year my goal is communicate with my partner and to lead the school well and encourage the kids to best at school. Being a House Captain can be hard and difficult but I will need to brave and to carry on the role that I was handed. I also need  to work  with the other House captains to get the job done throughout the year. Us House captains will also help the Prefects to do their jobs well. Next I will be a good role model and will try my best to be a good House Captain.

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  1. Dear Taunese,

    Congratulations on being named a house captain for Hikianalia. That is a huge honour! I am sure that you will do a very good job. In preparation for your role, you may wish to demonstrate leadership this summer by joining the Summer Learning Journey. It's a great way to practice your reading and writing skills and to lead by example. Joining the programme will show your classmates that you take your learning seriously and that you want to be ready to be your very best self when you come back to school next month.

    If you're interested in joining the programme please copy and paste this link into your browser ( This will take you to the registration screen where you can enter your details and then get started. All of the activities are under the 'Weekly Activities' tab. You can do as many activities as you would like to and then blog about them. Each blog is worth points and the students with the most points at the end of the summer will earn prizes!

    Please consider joining the journey today!

    All the best,