Wednesday, 15 October 2014

White Sunday

Here is a Picture of us outside of our church.
White Sunday was during the holidays and we were excited because it was our first time in our new Church. Whites Sunday is all about celebrating kids and everyone , in Samoa Kids have to walk around the church a few times before they enter the church by lucky us we only have to do it once. This is a piece of writing that I wrote about White Sunday!!!!
“Yay it’s finally White Sunday” Shouted my little sister , it was the 12th of October and we were on our way to Our Church (Pakuranga Baptist Church). “Isn't that cool Sis” “NO!!” I shouted back to my Sister. As we sat in our places it felt like I was gonna vomit. Then we had to go and stand outside and wait for the song to play.  

When we finished the welcome song , it was the the younger kids turn to say our ‘tauloko’ which is means ‘play’ in Samoa. It was my turn and I was the Reader . After we did our play we sang our song it was the seniors turn to do their play (there were two plays) After the two plays we sang a few songs and finished with a prayer.

My best part was that it was finished and the lolly scramble. I can’t wait till next year because were gonna learn some more plays and sing some more songs.

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