Monday, 8 September 2014

Ripper Rugby and Rugby Champions

It was Wednesday morning and the year 5 & 6 girls Ripper Rugby team and the 2 rugby boys team is having a tournament at Dunkirk. When we finished getting ready, the girls went in the van , but the poor boys had to waste there energy on walking a long way to Dunkirk. Since us , the girls got there , our coach said " Girls lets set up the Gizibo and put our bags on it so the boys think that we can do it", So we had to do it.
By the time the boys got there we were already warming up , then some of them Said " That was quick".

After our coach , Miss Vaafusuaga , got back from the managers meeting, she announced that we are playing against Panmure Bridge School first. Panmure Bridge school was already on the field but we were still finding out who were the 7 starters, then our coach said it and then she said " Our captain will be Taunese " when she said that I was feeling a bit funny. The game started and Elizabeth and I already had 2 tries, It was the end of the game and we won by 9 , 0. We had another game coming up and we were playing against Tamaki Primary School . Half of my team thought that they were hard , but the other half thought that they were easy, then I said " we don't know yet because we haven't played them."

We Finished having a game against Tamaki and Sylvia park school and we won both of them.Then we went straight to Semi-finals against Panmure bridge. Our coach left Elizabeth and I as Sub to save our energy for the finals because Panmure Bridge is so easy. When the game finished we had a break , after we had some lunch we went to watch the Spartans finals against Tamaki primary boys. It was a pretty hard game because Tamaki boys was good as our boys, while our coach was watching the Spartans Finals we went and played kicks we our team mates, the alarm went and we heard the boys shout with excitement because the won the finals and they are going to the championship tournament. At last it was our finals against Tamaki, we were on and the game started to get harder , I didn't want to run with the ball because the other didn't have a turn so I passed it to my team mates. The alarm went and Elizabeth already has 4 tries, the score was 7-1. We were so happy that we but it wasn't the end, all of our teams made it to the championship tournament but now it's not Ripper rugby it's Rugby.

Our coach said that everyday we will have training everyday for the Championship. It was the year 5s first time going to the Championship tournament and some of them are scared and some are nervous, even the other year 6s. But Elizabeth , Rowana and I are just used to it and we are looking forward to it.
Here is a picture of us from last year, we won the Auckland Championship Tournament.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014


On Tuesdays after school we always have Netball games against other schools. But our games are finished and we are so happy that we came 1st in our section and today we are going to the prize giving. Next year the netball games will start again and find out who will be the champions for 2015.

A Trip to Samoa

Red Stars
* Apia is where Elizabeth is

* Sava'ii is where Taunese is from

In our literacy class we had to write a narrative about Samoa. I wrote a story about us planning to have a trip to Samoa and Elizabeth getting lost.So I hope you enjoy .
Paragraph 1

It was nearly the holidays in New Zealand and Rowana , Elizabeth , Ashley and I are planning to have a trip to one of the Islands. “Which island are we going to” said Ashley “New Zealand” said Rowana , “Were already at New Zealand dumb” Said Elizabeth “ I Know Samoa” Said Ashley. “ Okay , well go next week on Monday” I said. “lets meet at the airport at 1:00pm”

Paragraph 2

“Wow it looks amazing” Said Elizabeth as we were walking out of the Plane. “ Where are we going to go ” said Ashley . “I know!” Said Elizabeth as she left us, “ Lets go to Savai'i first” as she turned to the left , “Um Elizabeth, Savai’i is the other way”,I Shouted, but she was already gone,“ She doesn’t know where she’s going,” I said. “come on lets go to my aunts house,” I said. The others were following me to my aunts house, when we got there my aunty said “You guys have to share one room,” She said. “ that's Cool,” Ashley said “I wonder where Elizabeth is,” Rowana said

Paragraph 3

“shall we go to the beach now, it’s so hot, It feels like i’m gonna burn,” Said Ashley, “Okay lets go” “wait,” said Rowana “ I forgot my bags at the airport,”
“Oh My Gosh, Take care of your stuff,” said Ashley
“now you are going to spend your own money on new things,” “ and don’t ask me for any of my money” than we left to go to the shops to buy some things for “Rowana”. When we finished buying things for Rowana we went straight to the beach.

Paragraph 4

It was our last day at Samoa and my aunt gave us 2 big packet of Banana chips and a big packet of bread fruit. Then my aunt dropped us to the airport and went. While we were waiting we saw Elizabeth , she was tired and funny looking. We gave her a packet of chips , then Ashley said , “where were you?’’ the whole week I was here” she said. “Come on lets go back to New Zealand.