Monday, 1 December 2014

A Trip to Kawau Island

It was Tuesday morning and the year 6 Point Englanders were at Kawau Island. It was our first day at camp. As soon as we were finished packing our bags, we sat in our lines and Peter and Erin introduced themselves, they were hosting us.

Then we went  on a long hike, Rowana and I were partners and we helped each other when we feel like. Sometimes we got angry at each other because we always try pulling each other down, and sometimes we laugh at someone when they get angry at others for pushing them. When we got to the top of the hill, Collin was holding a rock and made a speech for not giving up on the long hard hike. We had a little bit of morning tea and a drink of water.

When we got back from our hike, we had to get our bag and put it in our cabin. My cabin was cabin Q, and in cabin Q was Elizabeth, Ava, Quinlan, and I. After that we had a long free time, I was playing volley with Liz U, Elizabeth G, Rowana, Ashley. It was nearly night time and we were having dinner, after we had dinner we had to get changed into our pajamas and brush our teeth. When we finished doing that we watched a movie called The Princess Bride. It was a cool movie, at the end of the movie we went to bed.

On Wednesday morning we had to get up at 7:00am because we had to go for our fitness trial. After our run we had breakfast, than we started the day with some activities. Our first activity was Burma trail. Then we moved on to Orienteering, that was one of my favourite activities because Zane, Taiaha and I worked as a team to find the letters. We  found all of the letters and when the others came we were already making a word out of the letter we found, there was, Raft building, Dining and Kayak. There were other activities were abseiling, kayak, and raft building. At night time when we finished getting changed we played spotlight at night time. It was fun for the others to play but not for me because we I incidentally sprained  my ankle.

On the next day we did the same thing as yesterdays, wake up at 7:00, do fitness trial, have breakfast, brush our teeth and finally finishing of our activities. Our last activity was sailing, it was the most fun activity to do when it’s hot. After we finished every activities we had a long free time. Then we did the same thing again, eat dinner, brush our teeth and now we get to get changed for our concert and practice. It was the concert and it was time for us to perform. After that it was time for the judges to tell us who won and the winner was BENTZON so Bentzon had to perform again. Then it was time for us to got to bed.

It was our last day at camp, and were packing our bags and wait for the ferry. After that we played some games, we played Bush baseball, Swimming, Touch, and Volley. When the ferry arrived we loaded our bags on the ferry. Then it was time for us to leave Kawau Island.
It was the most fun camp in my life, when I grow up I am going to visit Kawau Island.

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