Wednesday, 6 April 2016

2016 Fiafia

Did you know that our school, Point England School is holding a Fiafia night? There will be heaps of performances and dances from our various cultures and countries. This Fiafia is a celebration of how our school has been together for years.

Every child in our school will be in a group to perform on the night which is tomorrow Thursday night 7th of April. I will be performing in the Senior Samoan group representing my one and only culture.  I do have a role of leading little kids to the right place and being a good role model.

The song we will be dancing to is a Samoan song called “Samoa e maopo’opo mai”. The whole part of our dance for girls is to be fancy and dance like a Samoan Taupo girl. The boys will be dancing at the back doing the same but dancing as Samoan boys.

What I am looking forward to is watching all other performance and my friends on the night. I am also looking forward to the food and families enjoying their time at the Fiafia night. Come along to Point England 7th of April at 6:00pm to watch and enjoy.

Friday, 1 April 2016


This photo shows about my Identity. My family is from an island called Samoa, I come from 2 villages called Savai'i and Lauli'i. I feel proud to be Samoan and also proud to represent my culture at good things I do like sports.  Half of myself is a loving person, creative, kind, and brave. The other half of myself is curious, happy, rough and always enjoyable. There maybe other parts of myself that is written but you could have a look.