Friday, 31 October 2014

Man on the Moon

My Movie 2 from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
This is a movie that we created learning about artworks. First we were in our reading group reading a story about Man in the Moon. We read a book about a boy making a moon mask for the Art festival Parade.After  that, we had to get into 3 groups and in my group was Elizabeth, Mubashir, and I. So I hope you enjoy watching our movie.

Getting a New Netbook

It was Wednesday and Morning tea was finished. As I walked inside our maths class, Mrs Jacobsen called me to come. "Guess what" she said, "What" I replied, You guys are going to get a free new netbook" " What" we said with excitement, then we had to go to the staff room to see Mrs Tele'a. Mrs Tele'a told us we will get it after lunch time. So after lunch time, I walked through the breeze and saw heaps of brown boxes. When we sat down in the hall, the Variety boss talked about how they give netbooks out for free. After she finished talking they gave out netbooks to kids from different schools around our area. It was finally our turn to get our netbooks now, when they called out my name I stood up and got my netbook and walked on the stage. My cousin Iron was next to me she was so nervous but I wasn't because I am happy that I have a new netbook. I was so blessed to have a brand new netbook. Thank you so much Warehouse and Variety!

Thursday, 30 October 2014

How to be a good Point Englander

Today we had a practise for our Writing test and we had to write about how to be a good Point Englander. If you want to be a good Point Englander, here are some tips if you want to be one, So enjoy.
Being a good Pt Englander is when  you help people that needs help and taking good care of them. You can help the little kids on their school work and how to cross the road. You can also teach them new things that they don’t know. But you can not only help little kids, you can also help adults and old people on their work and do something for them like making them a cup of tea and more.

If you want to know how to be a good Pt Englander, you would have to listen to adults around you and respect them. If you listen to them and respect them, they will teach you how to be more respectful,  taking care of of people, and helping people.

How to be a Real Pt Englander? Well being a Real Pt Englander  you have to stop people from fighting and arguing.  If you see people making fun of others, teasing them, and calling them names, you can tell the teacher or an adult or you can stop them.

If you want people to be like you then you have to show them how to be Respectful around others. If you would like people to think that you are amazing,  you can show them that you are respectful to people and can Cooperate with others around you.

Monday, 20 October 2014

How to stay safe in the sun

Do you want to know how to be safe in the sun? Well you need these things to cover you in the sun ,a hat to cover your face, Sunblock for your skin so you don’t get sunburn, Sun Glasses to cover your eyes and good clothing to cover your skin as well .

First is hats, you need to have the right hat to cover your head and face. Hats that have soft material is not good because the sun can still go through it because it’s too soft. You need a bucket hat or a good hat that's hard to keep you safe.

Second is Sunblock. Sunblock is good for your skin because if you want to stay at the beach for long you must have Sunblock on. If you don’t, then too bad, you will get Skin Cancer or Sun Burn. But if you do, then you are free to play in the sun including you hat.

Finally the Sunglasses, Why is it important to wear Sunglasses? Sunglasses are good because it can cover your eyes from the sun. It is good because when you look at the sun, the sun shines at your glasses and then it bounces back off.

It is the most important thing to stay safe in the sun. You must wear a hat, use sunscreen and wear your sunglasses to you safe. So, when you go out, always remember to use these three things!

Friday, 17 October 2014

Going on a trip to Rotorua Spa Pools

It was 5am in the morning and we were packing our bags because we were are having a trip with our church to Rotorua Spa pools. We went in the bus and it took us half an hour to get there. When we got there we waited for the BBQ to get cooked because it was a long way. After we ate we played a game called capture the ball which is a bit similar to capture the flag. 20 minutes later  it was 4 all and we wanted to play Finals. When I got in the triangle their were 6 of us and we made a plan that my brother runs the other side with the ball and we run as a group on the other side and pretend the we have the ball. The referee was counting down and we splited up and went different directions . When my brother passed the cone with the ball we won. We had heaps of lollies  and Chocolates. It was time for us to have a swim in the hot pools but I didn't because I forgot to bring my swimming togs. After we had a swim it got darker and we were packing up to go home. On our way home we were sleeping in the car . It was the most amazing day in my life and next time I want to go there again with out forgetting my swimming togs.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

White Sunday

Here is a Picture of us outside of our church.
White Sunday was during the holidays and we were excited because it was our first time in our new Church. Whites Sunday is all about celebrating kids and everyone , in Samoa Kids have to walk around the church a few times before they enter the church by lucky us we only have to do it once. This is a piece of writing that I wrote about White Sunday!!!!
“Yay it’s finally White Sunday” Shouted my little sister , it was the 12th of October and we were on our way to Our Church (Pakuranga Baptist Church). “Isn't that cool Sis” “NO!!” I shouted back to my Sister. As we sat in our places it felt like I was gonna vomit. Then we had to go and stand outside and wait for the song to play.  

When we finished the welcome song , it was the the younger kids turn to say our ‘tauloko’ which is means ‘play’ in Samoa. It was my turn and I was the Reader . After we did our play we sang our song it was the seniors turn to do their play (there were two plays) After the two plays we sang a few songs and finished with a prayer.

My best part was that it was finished and the lolly scramble. I can’t wait till next year because were gonna learn some more plays and sing some more songs.