Thursday, 30 October 2014

How to be a good Point Englander

Today we had a practise for our Writing test and we had to write about how to be a good Point Englander. If you want to be a good Point Englander, here are some tips if you want to be one, So enjoy.
Being a good Pt Englander is when  you help people that needs help and taking good care of them. You can help the little kids on their school work and how to cross the road. You can also teach them new things that they don’t know. But you can not only help little kids, you can also help adults and old people on their work and do something for them like making them a cup of tea and more.

If you want to know how to be a good Pt Englander, you would have to listen to adults around you and respect them. If you listen to them and respect them, they will teach you how to be more respectful,  taking care of of people, and helping people.

How to be a Real Pt Englander? Well being a Real Pt Englander  you have to stop people from fighting and arguing.  If you see people making fun of others, teasing them, and calling them names, you can tell the teacher or an adult or you can stop them.

If you want people to be like you then you have to show them how to be Respectful around others. If you would like people to think that you are amazing,  you can show them that you are respectful to people and can Cooperate with others around you.

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