Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Violet Beaugard

Violet Beauregarde is like a cow because she chews gum all day. Her mum thinks she does  not look a lady.Violet Beauregarde has a short goldish hair and she loves chewing gum.

Charlie thinks Violet Beaegarde is disgusting because she looks like a cow when chew the slimy gum. At night time she takes out the yucky gum and put it on her bed post while she goes to sleep. When she finishes chewing the gum instead of putting it in the rubbish bin she sticks it on the lift button.  When people press the button it to go up there fingers get sticky gum all over them. How revolting !


  1. Hi Taunese

    I love your blog and I also love the way you emailed me about it.
    VERY well done Girl!
    Keep on with your writing because you are just getting better and better.

    Mr Burt

  2. Great writing Taunese! My favourite part was the last sentence - "How revolting!" I laughed right out loud.

  3. Hi Taunese
    I love your blog because it has got real passion in all the movies and writing you have posted.So keep up the good work.


  4. Hi Taunese,
    I loved your story. My favorite part was when you told about the people getting on the elevator and it getting on their fingers. That's too funny! Do you know someone who really chews gum like that? Make sure you use the correct form of the word, "there."