Thursday, 29 May 2014


When the Titanic crashed into the Iceberg on April 15th 1912,everyone swam out in the freezing water and froze to death.There were 2,223 people on board and 705 people survived.She was the largest ship ever built on that day,and guess what, they built it in THREE YEARS!!.It came from Southampton to New York.It was built so that  so that people could get to a better place to live.Here is a picture that I drew on Hyperstudio.

How the Titanic Floated

In Maths we were learning about how the Titanic floated and sink.So here is a
Presentation that I made on google drive,so I hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014


Hi this is my presentation about buoyancy  so have a look and I hope you  enjoy.
It's not quite finished but we just had to post it.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

The Boat Race

We have been reading about some students that research model boats the will move in water.  Then the make some for a race in the school pool.

If I was in the race I would...
1. How does Tim feel when Jason shouts at him?sad   How do you know?because Jason has more things to make his boat than him

2. What resources did Tim have at school to make his boat?one plastic bottle,a yoghurt pottle, and an empty ice-cream container

3. Why did he use a plastic milk bottle?he decided to use the plastic milk bottle as his base because it floated well.
Here is a picture of Tim's boat that I drew on Sumo paint

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

All about my Holiday

It was my little sisters birthday in the holidays.we had so much fun so have a look and I hope you enjoy.
Guess what I did in the Holidays?First we went to chipmunks at Pakuranga,we went there because it was my little sisters birthday.I went on the big slid,when I went down it was so cool.

Then we went to the McDonalds, we had a big feed.After that we went to my brothers rugby game at Pakuranga.It was so cool that they won Against Pakuranga!

Finally we got  home and had a party with our cousins and Aunts and uncles.We had BBQ,Ice Cream Chocolate Cake and Lollies.

At last since we were so tired and had  a big day,we went to sleep.It was so fun and hopefully we would have another party like is my paragraph rubric that I marked.