Friday, 28 June 2013

It is Football again

This is a peace of writing that wrote about football,please leave me a comment.
It is football again how amazing?

On Thursday the excited Room 13  had football in the hall again,because the field was muddy and it was a little bit wet on the court and cold.Our coach Ben made us stand beside the wall,then he chose one girl and two boys,the taggers was Katareina ,Jalen, and Benjamin,we were playing octopus .Ben called out accessory pink socks ,breslips and octopus and the kids has to run to the other side.

After octopus we had a trial that was nearly the same as octopus but Ben told us to get into pairs and my partner was Elizabeth,my partner Elizabeth went to the middle and I was next to the stage.Ben told the people in the middle to spin clockwise then he told us to start dribbling,my partner has to take the ball of me.then it was her turn, it was so hard to take the ball of my partner because she was kicking the ball too hard so that the ball can get to the other side easily.

At last  we had a game of football.But we had to go to class,I wish we can stay for a long time and I had a good time at football.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A love story

This was an old story that happend in Rotorua in a long time is a story of it and two pictures.Long long time ago there was a beautiful lady called Hinemoa,all of the man wanted to meet her but Hinemoa’s dad didn’t want her to marry any of the man that came to see her.One day their was a special meeting,there was a warrior and his family that live in Mokoia Island,Mokoia Island is across the river from Hinemoa’s village.One night Hinemoa and Tutanekai had a plan to meet up,in the Hinemoa goes on a waka or swim to Mokoia Island,and Tutanekai plays his flute.After all Hinemoa and Tutanekai was together.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Jack the honest kid

This is about a story that a kid took a juice with out letting the teacher know but returned it.
Once upon a time there was a boy named Jack and his friend Luke,they went to the same school.One day there was free juice at their school,Luke grabbed two juice and said to  Jack “do you want some free juice” .Jack saw the other kids taking two juice,but he only took one juice.Luke and Jack went at the back of their class and drinked their juice but Jack didn’t drink his juice because his stomach was squirmy.At lunch time Jack tried to put his juice in his bag but he can’t because his teacher Mr Renata was standing at the doorway,so he walked slowly up to Mr Renata and gave the juice back and explained what happen.When it was class time Mrs strong was in their class saying “does anyone know about the juice”, Mr Renata was so angry,he said “one boy has already owned up, then Luke was still thing if it was free juice.

The moral of the story is to be honest and ask before you take something.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Facts about Giant Squid

here are some facts about giant squid.
Giant Squid are creatures that live in the bottom of Antarctic Ocean.They don’t have backbone but they do have a head,Mouth and a Strong Beak.Giant Squids love to eat shellfish and lots of differents kinds of fish.Scientist Investigate how Giant Squid suck their food in.

You listen to me say the story just click Taunese giant squid

Friday, 21 June 2013

Antarctica Alphabet Keyword

This is my Alphabet Keyword about Antarctica,please leave ma a comment.

My Wonderful story about Football

This is my football story that we played in the hall, Please leave me a comment.
On a wet morning I was so excited because we were going to the hall for Football,we had Football in the hall because it was muddy and wet on the field. Some of us were cold because in the hall it was freezing cold,then Miss Lavakula made us run around on the red line.After that we played Octopus.Then we sat and listened to our coach named Ben.

He told us to get into groups of 4, in my group was Jessica,Promise, and Shelford. We had some skills and that was passing and juggling,our group did passing.We had to pass the ball to each other,we had to pass the ball by kicking it with our feet.

Then we had a game playing against the other team,we were the  yellow bib.Our first game that we played was the green bib,The green bib lost against us by 1 point.Then we played our final game but we lost.That was so cool.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Undersea Garden

This is about seaweeds that grows in the sea.please leave me a comment.

Monday, 17 June 2013

My Wonderful Mihi

This is my Mihi I did all by myself I hope you enjoy it please leave me a comment.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Rugby League

On a sunny morning room 13 went to the court for Rugby League.Our coach for Rugby League is James.First we warmed up. First we warmed up by playing Benji says and when James says something like run around we have to copy him and we are not allowed to go out the red cones.The next game we played was 10 passes,if the other team makes 10 passes we have to do 5 or 10 push ups and we get into groups and i was in the blue team.The third game that we played was goose,we have to practice our passing,we have to make a circle and one person has to run around the circle and the kids that in the circle has to beat the person that running around by passing it fast.The fourth game is called passback,we have to go at the back of the other person that in front .Then the person that in front has to run with the ball and the person that at the back has to run with the person and then that person has to pass the ball to the person at the back and the person that has the ball tries a score.The fifth skill that we played was called 1 on 2,the blue team has to a line on the other side and the red team has to make another line on the other side.The blue team has to pick a partner and they have to run with the ball and the red team has to defend.

The Pet Day Problem

This is a story that I read with my teacher that has a kid that wanted a pet for the Pet Day at his school.These animals names are called snakes,tuatara, and the tarantulas.
Here is a picture of some animals that he wanted.

Monday, 10 June 2013

The Antarctica and the Arctic

This is my Antarctica and the Arctic.This is about what is in Antarctica and what is in Arctic.