Friday, 28 June 2013

It is Football again

This is a peace of writing that wrote about football,please leave me a comment.
It is football again how amazing?

On Thursday the excited Room 13  had football in the hall again,because the field was muddy and it was a little bit wet on the court and cold.Our coach Ben made us stand beside the wall,then he chose one girl and two boys,the taggers was Katareina ,Jalen, and Benjamin,we were playing octopus .Ben called out accessory pink socks ,breslips and octopus and the kids has to run to the other side.

After octopus we had a trial that was nearly the same as octopus but Ben told us to get into pairs and my partner was Elizabeth,my partner Elizabeth went to the middle and I was next to the stage.Ben told the people in the middle to spin clockwise then he told us to start dribbling,my partner has to take the ball of me.then it was her turn, it was so hard to take the ball of my partner because she was kicking the ball too hard so that the ball can get to the other side easily.

At last  we had a game of football.But we had to go to class,I wish we can stay for a long time and I had a good time at football.

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