Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Rugby League

On a sunny morning room 13 went to the court for Rugby League.Our coach for Rugby League is James.First we warmed up. First we warmed up by playing Benji says and when James says something like run around we have to copy him and we are not allowed to go out the red cones.The next game we played was 10 passes,if the other team makes 10 passes we have to do 5 or 10 push ups and we get into groups and i was in the blue team.The third game that we played was goose,we have to practice our passing,we have to make a circle and one person has to run around the circle and the kids that in the circle has to beat the person that running around by passing it fast.The fourth game is called passback,we have to go at the back of the other person that in front .Then the person that in front has to run with the ball and the person that at the back has to run with the person and then that person has to pass the ball to the person at the back and the person that has the ball tries a score.The fifth skill that we played was called 1 on 2,the blue team has to a line on the other side and the red team has to make another line on the other side.The blue team has to pick a partner and they have to run with the ball and the red team has to defend.

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