Friday, 20 March 2015

POLYFEST 2015!!!

At Point England School, the year 7&8 students were getting ready for Polyfest. It was the first time that the Point England students are going to the Polyfest. On the bus Melenoa, Brooklyn, Paige and I was playing  Chinese Whisper, Melenoa and I was waiting for the bus to stop on red light so that we can put our heads on the windows and the windows will shake. 

When we arrived at the Polyfest at Manukau, there were 4 other intermediate schools there. We were lined up  so that we can get the instructions. After we got the instructions  we went to our first station which is the Glow bug. We got a 4 hour minute timer and yellow lollie pops. We went to 4 other stations. My favourite station was  the flava, I liked it because we played a game and what we had to do is get into group numbers that the girl says. After that we got into 5 groups and we had to take selfies.

After we visited the 6 stations we got a goodie bag each, in the goodie bag the there were glasses, hacky sack ball, a cap, water bottle, fan, and the sunblock. Then we had a chance to go to other stations. I liked Flava Niu because we got heaps of bands, free crackers and coconut cream. Then we went to visit the Maori stage. Then it was time for us to go back to school. I can't wait for 2016 because we are going to Polyfest again next year.