Wednesday, 25 September 2013

My Maths Puzzle

This is My maths puzzle that I created on my Google drive.
Here is a picture of it

Miss Lavakula's Birthday

Today is Miss Lavakula's Birthday and we are celebrating here 33th birthiday. We are having so much fun because we are making party hats and after we cleaned up we sat down on the mat and Miss Lavakula called up our names to get  our plate of chop sue and rice.After I finished my Chop sue I cleaned my plate and went to get my cupcake,the chocolate cupcake had cream and sprinkles and it was so sweat.So when you see Miss Lavakula today say Happy Birthday.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Last story of Esther

Today in the afternoon,Mrs Clark and Miss Hare came into our class,Mrs Clark continued the story of Esther.In Esther's story Haman the priminister and King Xerxes  went to Esther's party,King Xerxes wanted to know what Queen Esther wanted,Queen Esther told King Xerxes and Haman to come back to another party,and that party was tomorrow at night time and then she will tell King Xerxes what she wants.King Xerxes and Haman replied that they would love to come back to her party,Mordecai was sitting outside the room and while Haman walked out Mordecai did not bell down to  Haman . Haman was so angry and cross that Mordeccai didn't bell down to him.And that was the end of the story.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

My Life's a stage presentation

This term my school has been learning about life's a stage and my class had to make a presentation about it. Here is my presentation I am presenting to you. I hope you like it please leave me a comment.

Esther 2

Today in C.R.E Miss Clark and Miss Hare came into our class with costumes to tell the of Queen Esther and King Xerxes.Queen Esther heard that  Mordecai was sad,so she sent a servant to tell Mordecai why is he sad.Mordecai wrote a message on a paper and sent the servant to take the paper to Queen Esther. Queen Esther knew why Mordecai was sad ,so Queen Esther and all the Dues  did a fasten for 3 days,after the 3 days Queen Esther went to see King Xerxes,Queen Esther had 2 following parties at night time,so she invited Haman and King Xerxes,and that was the end of part 3.

Friday, 13 September 2013

My Certificate

This is my certificate that I got from Assembly,I got this certificate from rugby because we came first and we are going to the Tamaki Enter Zone to challenge the other schools,Here is a picture of me holding my certificate.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Aladdin and the Genie

This story is about Aladdin and the magic genie,As you can see I have retold the story with my own words, and here is a picture of Aladdin and the genie.
Once upon a time there lived a young boy called Aladdin. He lived with his mother in a small village in China.  Aladdin’s father died when he was a little cheeky kid. They were poor, had no money and nothing to eat.
One day Aladdin went for a walk, when suddenly a strange man came up to Aladdin and said “Aladdin I finally found you, I am your father’s long lost brother Hassan.” After that Aladdin and Hassan went to Aladdin’s house .Aladdin told his mother that the strange man was his uncle, Aladdin’s mother was so confused and she said that his father didn’t have any brothers or sisters. When Aladdin’s mother had finished talking Hassan said “I have an idea”. “Lets have dinner and we will talk it through.” Hassan was very rich, he gave  Aladdin some money to go buy some things for dinner. Hassan stayed with them for a while and bought them new clothes and filled their  cupboards with food.

Aladdin Vs The Hare and the Tortoise

This Venn diagram is about the difference between Aladdin and The hare and the Tortoise,Here is a picture of the Venn diagram.

Papaka and Koura

I have read a story called Papaka and Koura,they both wanted to be shiny and beautiful.Here is a paragraph of me retelling the story with my own words,also their are pictures of Papaka and Koura,

I have read a story called Papaka and Koura,it is a story about the crayfish and the crab,they both wanted their shells shiny and sparkly.Papaka and Koura saw the butterflies flying around the sky.Papaka called out to them and said my “friends ,how did you turn your wings into shiny wing” , “we fly through the rainbow and we turned into the seven colours”,the butterflies replied.Koura said,”well we can’t do that”.The butterflies went away.A little while Koura saw the glitter birds,the birds were sparkle and the wing were colourful,Koura called out to the birds, “my friends,how did your wings turn so bright”,well we zoomed  into the sky and something happened,our wings turned bright and shiny,well we can’t do that.Papaka and Koura went under the water,the Butterflies and the birds followed,for a little while Papaka and Koura came out of the water,the birds were so amazed and so was the butterflies,the birds asked Papaka and Koura how they got their shells bright,then the Papaka replied,we went under the water,the butterflies said well we can’t do that at all.The moral of the story is to like the you are and don't feel like you are ugly because you'll never know.

I hope you enjoy reading my paragraph and don't forget to leave me a comment.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The story of King Xerxes and Queen Esther

Today in C.R.E we learned more about the story of King Xerxes,Queen Esther and,Mordeccai,

One day their were two guards standing in front of the palace,Modeccai was standing near the two guards,then he saw the guards whispering to each other,their plan was to kill the king.Then Mordeccai told Esther that the king was going to get king killed.

Our debate

This is my paragraph about what we did on Monday.Here is a video

On Monday we stood in front of the whole class and shared our debate. Our group got split up into two groups, the groups were called for and against. A debate means a form of an argument. The statement was, Point England School should wear uniform to school. I was in group against and we said yes Point England School should wear school uniform .I was the third speaker and one of my ideas was that Point England should wear school uniform to school because when we go on a trip or somewhere else,people will recognise which school we are from because our uniform.While the other kids said there debate I felt so scared and shy.

Friday, 6 September 2013

My Life's a Stage Movie

This is my Life's a stage movie that I created on hyper studio.It is a movie of Humpty Dumpty,here is a movie.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

My Certificate

This is my certificate from netball,yesterday I had a game and I was the player of the day.Here is a photo of me holding my Certificate.


Today in C.R.E Mrs Clark told us a story about Esther and King Xerxes.King Xerxes had a queen called Vashti ,King Xerxes told her to come where he but queen Vashti wouldn't listen so she got banished.Then King Xerxes had a beauty contest.One of the most beautiful women in the contest was Esther,she lived with her cousin's family,her parents past the way when she was little.Esther had a meeting with King Xerxes,then King Xerxes thought that she is the real queen,because she is beautiful and caring.So she became the queen.

We are learning to be and do the best that we can do. We can do this by listening to each other ,helping, and the showing respect to everyone.