Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Clean digital footprints

Today we had Health and we learnt about Cleaning digital footprints. The message from our work was to clean up our digital footprints for our name to be good and have a good reputation. Our teacher gave us 5 video clips to watch and it was about how to be tidy on social media. After that we had to create a google drawing, writing in 5 points from what we learnt in the video clips we watched.

This is my google drawing that I created with 5 points I picked up from the video clips. 

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

My Social Media Footprint

This is a google drawing of mine that I just created in Health. We had to create our own footprints and add in the current apps/sites we've been on in the last 48hours. As you can see that on the bottom of the footprint is a large photo of google drive and apps around it that relates. The reason why we are learning about SM is because we have been using SM alot, leaving behind bad/good footprints. I learnt today that everything that we do using wifi is not private as we think it is. What I'm going to do from now on is to always leave a smart footprint, because I'll never know when someone's watching me.  

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

My well-being(health)

In this photo, there are 5 logs that represents my well being. This includes God in the center and my outsides, parents, sports, education and my siblings. Wheres my family is the bottom where everything comes out of like God. My family introduced god to me. Where's my roof would be my culture. My culture is very important to me. My culture is the reason why I'm like this. Reason why I am respectful, helpful, and many other positive things. My ancestors taught me these things. My outside is my friends because they are always there for me. This is my Well Being.  

Wednesday, 1 March 2017


Wharetapu wha
  1. Physical: Body, running, sleeping, food
  2. Mental/Emotional:Mindset and Feelings
  3. Spiritual: Beliefs and Values
  4. Social: Family and Friends

What is Hauora?A hauora are 4 walls together to build your health. The 4 wall names are Physical, Mental/Emotional, Spiritual, and Social.
Physical: What I like to do for physical would be keeping myself active. Like playing sports such as rugby, netball, touch, and volleyball. Sometimes I like to go for a run with my older brothers because my sisters doesn’t bother. I also balance my food like eating healthy food and island food at the same time.

Mental/Emotional: Everyday 24/7, I enjoy being happy with my friends and my family. But then when something unusual happens I’m not myself but my peers are always around to help me be myself. Like funerals, when someone has passed we gather around those who are uncomfortable. We all laugh together and we also cry together.

Spiritual: As an islander, my parents push us children to go church every Sunday. From my generations, we believe that Jesus is our god and savior. We are known as Christians. So this means that church is not an option in our lives. We go church to receive the blessing and the strength that our god gives us.

Social: My family and friends are the best things that has happened in my life. They are always there for me and I really appreciate it. When there are sad times, we all feel the same way. Family and friends would be my top priority in my life.

Friday, 23 December 2016

2016 Reflection

 Year 8 2016 farewell movie
What a year I've had! 2016 was my last year at Point England School before I move on to college. Anyways I was glad to enjoy every step or part of the year, I wouldn't forget the wonderful moments I had. Throughout the year, the teachers and us students got along with each other so well that formed a big family. In the beginning of the year, Mrs Tele'a said that we are a big family and so it was. This made myself think that team 5 was my second home. Yes, 2016 was like a long bumpy ride on a roller coaster. There were times we all enjoyed as well as times where everything goes down. But everything turned out good. 

I learnt a lot of new things from my teachers this year. Not only we learnt about school work but we also learnt how to be a team and be the best we can be. One of our saying's is "TEAM". TEAM is a short quote or saying of "Together Everyone Achieves More". So when one person mucks up, our teachers say those simple words to us, to remind us that we are all in 1 team or 1 family. This was a quote that one of our teachers found on google and thought it would match our team. This quote was said in the beginning of the year right to the end. 

In the beginning of the year, I never wanted to come to school because most of my friends were off to college. But then everything changed, I would always get ready for another fun day of school. When I arrive at school, my day starts of with hugs, handshakes, and greetings from my close friends. That was one thing I really appreciated from my friends. Anyways, every morning we have a year 7 & 8 assembly in the senior block known as the "street" or the "senior common room". This is where we do our karakia/mihi and himene to prepare for a great learning day. 

Year 8 Leadership Camp
As the year went past I'd say everything were my highlights because I felt like I was included in everything I participated in. But if I had to choose 4 highlights, I'd probably choose our year 8 leadership camp,  our riverside camp, my sorority netball highlights, and when the year 7's left off to Rainbows End.  
Friends @ Riverside camp

Why those highlights you may ask? Well the year 8 leadership camp was a fun learning camp. We learnt about team work, obviously leadership, and more. Also all the year 8's had 

the opportunity to get along with each other which was pretty cool to see. Our riverside camp was also fun but this time we learnt about Christianity. We had heaps of fun activities such as foam fight and many more. This was the time where I got to spend days with my old friends since year 3. I also made new friends with the leaders which was awesome.   It was the best holiday camp I've attended so far. 

Sorority with Sky City Mystics

Netball sorority highlights. Our Sorority netball team has been together for 3-4 years. 2 players has been changed every year but 7 (including myself) has been together. This year we entered a competition and won overall. Our prize was pretty big, meeting the sky city mystics (our team dream), a night at the sky city hotel, watching a game of the mystics and dinner at Andy's burgers where we met the sky city warriors. It was a lot of fun for us all. It was also a chance for us to go to places where we've never been which was quite cool. #Foreverasororitymember

2016 Year 8's combined
Lastly, my most memorable moment was when the year 7's left of to Rainbows End with the year 8's remained. This was a happy time for us year 8's because we hardly spent time together since the year 8 camp. I enjoyed the day with the year 8's before we split of to different colleges. Most of the year 8's will be attending Tamaki College like myself. Otherwise the other year 8's will be attending Auckland Girls Grammar, Wesley College, St Paul's and many other wonderful colleges. 

Thank you from Taunese 2016
The last day of school came by and I was sad. My time here at Point England School has come to an end. It was a great experience to be around such amazing, intelligent students and staff.  I just want to thank all the teachers that taught me throughout my journey here at this school. Thank you  for being there for me and my friends. Thank you for teaching me everything that I am able to do now. I will take everything and show it in college and hopefully I'll make you proud where ever I go. I will treasure and keep every single memory I had here. THANK YOU POINT ENGLAND SCHOOL FOR EVERYTHING!!! 

Thursday, 22 December 2016

2k16 senior prizegiving

Year 7 & 8 Sports Award Squad
“Let the senior prize giving begin!!” Mr Burt said with enthusiasm. It was the Point England School senior prize giving for 2016. The parents and families gathered around to support their child receiving an award. Or some supporting their child's year item. My family was also there. The kapa haka finished their emotional item so it was time for awards to be given out. First was year 5 & 6 class awards, then it was the year 5’s item. I think the year 5 item was cool because everyone moved together and their moves matched the song that was playing.

It was time for the team 4 sports award which was one of the highlights I enjoyed. 5 of the team 4 students had 2 or 3 awards with trophies included. When it was time for the sportswoman and sportsman nominees movie, I thought it was a close match because the nominees were all good. But for the sportswoman, Faioso was the overall winner. For sportsman, Javan was the winner. It was time for the year 6 item. There item was the same as the year 5 item. I think it was better than our item.

It was time for the team 5 class awards. “For 100% attendance Sulieti Rautiti” “WOOHOOOOO SHOT SULI !!!!!” My friends and I yelled. We were so happy for Sulieti so we screamed out loud. As the classes went by, my friends and I were the loudest audience whenever our mates names are called out. “For citizenship, Promiseland Ulipa” Once again we yelled our heads off. Then… “For best effort, Taunese Leitufia” As I got up, I felt proud to receive the best effort award because all year I was putting 110% effort in everything I participated in. But before I could get to Mrs Tele’a to receive a lolly-lei, I heard Mr Burt say “for 100% attendance, Taunese Leitufia and Shelford Reihana”. I was getting 2 class awards which was a lot of improvement for myself. Because I always get sports awards. At the end I was even happy to stand with some of my close friends on the stage with the lights shining on us.

Myself receiving Intermediate female MVP rugby award
“Let’s give it up for the year 7 item” Mr Burt announced. “LET’S GO LANI!!!” I shouted as they made their way up on the stage. They were dancing to DJ bravo Champion. There item was also better than ours but I think team 4 was better. It was the last bunch of awards which was the year 7 & 8 sport awards. “Most valuable player Intermediate female....Taunese Leitufia” I received a small trophy that had my name and a big trophy which had the names of previous girls that received the award. Temauri was the winner for sportsmen and Elizabeth U was the winner for sportswoman which I thought she deserved well.

It was a long award session. At the end I my hands were full with trophies and awards. Mr Burt called up Mrs Moore who was the deputy principal for Tamaki College just down the road. They were announcing the Manaiakalani school scholarship awards. There were only 5 scholarships and they were Marilyn, Elizabeth U, Promise, Elizabeth G, and myself. My family was proud of me. It was the last performance of the night and that was us the year 8's. It was our last prize giving dance so my friends and I made the most of it. At the end we sang our school song "strive to succeed".

My total awards

heaps of awards was awesome for me on my last year. I received best effort(class award), 100% attendance(class award), MVP female rugby player, netball team spirit, MVP female cricket, House captain, and Manaiakalani scholarship.

I'd just like to thank Mrs Tele'a for always being there for me during my learning. I think I wouldn't get any class awards if it wasn't for you helping me with my learning. Thank you Miss Va'afusuaga for another amazing year of sports and also to my coaches for helping me be active at my sport AND my learning. I never thought I'll get this much awards if it wasn't for you guys so thank you. To Point England School students and staff, thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a house captain. I was able to show leadership around the school. It was useful because I received a scholarship and I think I'm ready to show leadership at college as well. Lastly I'd like to thank my family for always having my back during my schooling and sports. I hope I made you guys proud!