Monday, 26 November 2018

Family Violence Social Action

On Friday after morning tea, our Social Studies class headed down to Tippet park to prepare for the Family Violence march around Glen Innes shopping centre. We were the first to arrive then later on, other organisations joined us waiting for the march to start. Some of the organisations were SHINE, Te Aroha, Police Officers and more. As we were waiting, my social studies class and myself gave out white ribbons to those who arrived and asked people to sign big white ribbons. Then at 12:00pm, everyone was ready to march. All the men and boys stood in the front holding the banner that we created, this was to show that men are also promoting this message and by doing this, its affective. We marched around GI yelling different kinds of chants like “FAMILY VIOLENCE!.. IS NOT OK!” or “HONOUR THE WOMEN!... IN OUR LIVES!” while the police officers stop cars and let us cross streets safely. Ozzy and Kieren called and we responded. Along the way, Beyonce and I handed out white ribbons to those who were nearby and watched us march by delivering our message.

Our march stopped once we reached the middle of the town center. All men who were apart of the march joined the stage to have the opportunity to talk about their experience and what they have taken from the message. These men were great examples of men who should be taking good care of their families. Women were invited on the stage too and had their say as well. When most of the speakers were done, Beyonce and I walked into stores all around the middle shopping center giving out white ribbons and promoting the message. It was really good to see and hear shopkeepers and public people look interesting and asking question about our promotion. It was really good to see a lot of people taking part of our social action… including people who were interested in accepting the ribbons along with our explanation about our promotion. I was really happy to see most of our student leaders for 2019 turn up and support us although they were on student leave.

It was nearly 2:00pm in the afternoon, everyone started to leave so we started to pack up. We collected the signed big ribbons and put down the barbecue and tents. We were all starving by then because we didn’t have lunch and were too busy with our roles so some of us put our money together and bought pizzas for lunch. Miss Robertson was really kind to buy drinks and hot chips. It was a really good way of ending off our day.

One of the positive things from the social action, is being able to see people in the community standing and watching our march. They smiled while we walked past and I believe this was a good thing. It's a sign that they have an idea of what we are doing and also agree with the message we are promoting. Another positive thing from Friday's social action was seeing many people (especially men) from different organisation participating in the march. People who also believed in the same thing as our year 11 SOS class did. But something I didn't like about our social action was when I gave white ribbons out and promoting the message and some people didn't accept it. But I knew something like this will happen because many people have their own points of view about every message.

From the social action that we prepared for and took part of, I never had any regrets of becoming a part of this action. In year 9, 10 and starting year 11 now, I have learnt a lot about social action and really wanted to be part of one. Well, I have now! It was a such great experience for myself because I have also learnt a lot about the message and about social action by being part of it. I felt happy to march alongside with people who believed in the same thing as I did about family violence. To also see how effective the community was when they saw our march and our promotion. Something that I think I could’ve done better with, was getting to know people from other groups more and why they were there. They must have had different reasons to why they turned up and participate in the march. Besides from that, I think that my Social studies class did an awesome job on the day, we approached people using our school RISE values and I think we represented Tamaki College great! It was a great way of starting my year 11 social studies!

Monday, 15 October 2018

Social Responsibility - Jed-i Dodgeball

What level of social responsibility were you during our dodge-ball lesson and why?
Level 3: Because throughout the game of Jed-i dodge-ball, I showed respect to my teacher, team mates as well as my opponents. I showed honesty when I got hit by sitting down and getting ready to be saved by my Jed-i. We had a reliever but we still managed ourselves throughout the lesson. 

What could you do in order to improve your level of social responsibility for the next lesson?
Apply to all of the exhibits of level 3 and work on level 4 so that I can challenge myself to keep achieving. Part of level 4 I would want to work on and apply to is asking and providing assistance to the teacher and other students. 

What was a highlight of your holiday?
Sleep until I wake up in the afternoon. Staying home. 

What are you going to do to make sure you get the most out of the last term of school for 2018?
Keep attending all my classes for the last 8 weeks. Make every learning count so that I can be more successful in my classes next year in year 11 and also making sure I'm organised. 

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Social Responsibility PE

What is Social Responsibility?
Social Responsibility in Physical Education would be managing myself such as my actions, my time management and turning up with the right gear.

What level were you during our lesson and why?
During the game lape (samoan softball), I would grade myself level 4 because I apply to all level 3 exhibits. I am always willing to work with others although I don't know them too well. I compliment and encourage others and include those who aren't too comfortable or feel left out. When I feel like I'm not giving all my effort, I ask others and teacher what they think and take in their advice to help me improve.

What could you do in order to improve your level of Social Responsibility for next lesson?
Something I could do to improve my level would be.... try and lead the team to success in an activity. Try to use my skills out of physical education and see what happens. Trying new ideas.

Do you have any questions about your learning you still need answered? Yes
How does the world outside of physical education apply to Social Responsibility?
Why is Social Responsibility so important in and out of physical education?
How can Social Responsibility help me with my career when I leave school?

Friday, 7 September 2018

The Dark Side of Chocolate

Today in Social Studies, we watched a documentary called "The Dark Side of Chocolate". This documentary was about investigators who were eager to find out the truth behind the sweetness of chocolate. They travelled all around Africa which is the country where most cocoa are developed from. 

They hid camera's so that people who are working for the cocoa company's don't get suspicious of them. The main thing that they wanted to find out was if their was child labour happening behind the development of chocolate. As their investigation went along, they happened to find out about child labour happening. This was the main issue in the documentary. Many children were being trafficked by people who were part of cocoa development companies. Children from ages 12 - 16 are being transported from town and into farming places where cocoa are being grown. The main place where these children are transported to is located in Ivory Coast in Africa. These children doesn't go school or have the freedom to live with their families. If they try to escape from the farming areas, they are beaten. 

This action is effecting the children, their health and their process of development. The reason why this is happening is because the companies are eager to keep their job running to gain money from the world. So they use children to gather cocoa's from the farm and export the cocoa to their companies for them to sell. 

Some companies mentioned in the video were nestle, kitkat and many other chocolate factories. The CEO of nestle was interviewed, he was asked about child labour and trafficking and his perspective was it's not a problem. This indicates that he doesn't care for the health and freedom of the children who are suffering behind making chocolate. He's so much of a business man. 

I think that this action of child labour happening behind making chocolate is very shocking and sad. Everyone including myself is enjoying the taste of chocolate but doesn't know the truth behind chocolate. I believe that these children should have the rights to freedom and to live life normally and happily. Have the rights to go to school and be educated instead of being treated as a slave and working for something that's not worth their time. 

Monday, 30 July 2018

What I know about "Human Rights"

Today in Social Studies, my class were to complete a paragraph or answer
questions about human rights. This is a google drawing about my understandings
of human rights.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

All about my Significant place

Today in Social Studies, we were to write about our significant place with 3 reasons why. Like I said before on my other significant blog post, my significant place is my village in Samoa; Lauli'i. 

The place that is significant to me is .... My village in Samoa - Lauli’i because … it is the place where my genealogy birthed. It is the place where my ancestors were born and were raised up, coming down to my parents as well as myself and my older siblings. This significant place of mine is the place where my identity started and thrived since I was born until I moved to NZ in 2005. It provided myself food, especially cultivation food from our family plantation. Lauli’i provided fresh water…. Provided shelter where I lay as a child and warmth from the sun. Most of all my village gave me love that I now give to others as well as the knowledge that they passed down to me that I now use. Although I haven’t been back but I still remember everything that this place has done for myself and my ancestors. This is why Lauli’i is my significant village because it was where my life started as a young child experiencing life.

Above is a paragraph I wrote myself about my significant place and why. Below are my 3 reasons about this significant place of mine.

Aesthetic means beautiful. I believe that Lauli'i is the most beautiful part of Samoa. The lush green branches and the blue, clean waterfall within the village. The houses that are built in the village are also beautiful surrounded by beautiful colours of the flowers that decorates the presence.  

One historical moment that I never forget is having this place as my birth place. Aswell as my ancestors. It is the place where my ancestors were born and raised up to be who they are as well as myself until I reached 3 years of age when I had to leave. But this place is history. Many magical things has happened at this place. Wars, celebrations, birth and much more. 

Lauli'i is a cultural place. People in this village has shown cultural values aswell as our very own village values. Like loving each other, when they need help... a hand is lent by neighbours. Showing hospitality to visitors from overseas. These values are being shown by the people in the village and it defines cultural is cherished and sustained in the village.