Friday, 7 September 2018

The Dark Side of Chocolate

Today in Social Studies, we watched a documentary called "The Dark Side of Chocolate". This documentary was about investigators who were eager to find out the truth behind the sweetness of chocolate. They travelled all around Africa which is the country where most cocoa are developed from. 

They hid camera's so that people who are working for the cocoa company's don't get suspicious of them. The main thing that they wanted to find out was if their was child labour happening behind the development of chocolate. As their investigation went along, they happened to find out about child labour happening. This was the main issue in the documentary. Many children were being trafficked by people who were part of cocoa development companies. Children from ages 12 - 16 are being transported from town and into farming places where cocoa are being grown. The main place where these children are transported to is located in Ivory Coast in Africa. These children doesn't go school or have the freedom to live with their families. If they try to escape from the farming areas, they are beaten. 

This action is effecting the children, their health and their process of development. The reason why this is happening is because the companies are eager to keep their job running to gain money from the world. So they use children to gather cocoa's from the farm and export the cocoa to their companies for them to sell. 

Some companies mentioned in the video were nestle, kitkat and many other chocolate factories. The CEO of nestle was interviewed, he was asked about child labour and trafficking and his perspective was it's not a problem. This indicates that he doesn't care for the health and freedom of the children who are suffering behind making chocolate. He's so much of a business man. 

I think that this action of child labour happening behind making chocolate is very shocking and sad. Everyone including myself is enjoying the taste of chocolate but doesn't know the truth behind chocolate. I believe that these children should have the rights to freedom and to live life normally and happily. Have the rights to go to school and be educated instead of being treated as a slave and working for something that's not worth their time. 

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