Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Think Board Decimal

This week we have been learning how to add decimals. Here is my think
board that I have done.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Lost at Sea

There was a serious battle between the Germans and the British Empire. There were 2 young mens who  was part of the British Empire army, their names were Jeffery and Francis. Jeffery was 20 years old, he was 1 year older then Francis.

Jeffery, Francis and 3 others had a job of dropping bombs on their enemies. They had a problem with their plane, they were running out of fuels.  There were 5 in total on the plane, they all knew that they were about crash so they put on life jackets and held on to something tight. The plane was going down towards the sea, before the plane was crashing Jeffery and Francis jumped out of the plane. "CRASH", the plane was sinking, Jeffery and Francis were searching for the other 3. They couldn't find them but instead they found 2 boats. 

After ten days without fresh water and food (except Seafood) no one had came to rescue them. On the 11th day at the sea, it was burning hot, the water was nice and cold but the 2 starving mens were sleeping in the boats. 

There was an island near that Jeffery and Francis didn't know about. Some people on the island saw that their were 2 boats in the middle of the sea. So the got their boat and sailed out. When they got there, the islanders saw that the 2 white mens were fast asleep. So they tied the 2 boats on their boat and sailed back to the island. When Jeffery and Francis woke up they saw 5 different faces looking down at them. Then Francis looked at Jeffery and said " Do you want to know the good news", Jeffery replied "what is it" "were saved" Francis said in a small voice, "But the news is we don't know these people" Francis said. 

Monday, 15 February 2016


My Visual Mihi

   In team 5 we have been told by our teachers to draw our own "Visual Mihi". Visual Mihi is when you draw 4 things that are important to you. Your face will be in the middle to show who you are.
Lets begin on the top right side, on the top right side is a map of Samoa, and on the map is a red dot and says "Savai'i". It was where I was born and where my mothers family comes from. I grew up in Savai'i till I was 3 year old and came to New Zealand.

On the top left side it says "Sports". I really like to play Sports but my favourite top 3 sports are, Rugby, Volley, and Netball. I have played rugby for my school for 4 years now and liked playing with my team mates and wining games and tournaments. I also like playing Volley but not for school, I play with my family and I also play for my church. Lastly I like to play Netball for my school and now it has been 5 years now. Last year I played for a club called Livewires, it was fun.

Down the bottom right is a Samoan flag. This flag shows what culture I am and where I come from. The brown bowl is what we call a "Tanoa", it was most known symbol in Samoa to show where we come from. My parents are both Samoan but comes from different villages.                                        

 My beliefs, I attend Auckland University Samoan Church (AOG) at Manurewa. I like to read the bible in my spare times and love to learn about Christ. Every year we have a combine which includes other churches from around Auckland comes together to celebrate a year we have had. 

At last my face in the middle to show who I am, I am Taunese.
So there you go my Visual Mihi about ME.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Think Board

Maths has started and this is my first think board for 2016! This Think Board
shows how I worked out the answer in the middle.
On the top, it shows a diagram how I worked out this problem. On the right side
it shows the Strategy I used, which is "ALGORITHM". Down the bottom is a
a question for you answer. On the left side it has 10 more answers for you to
answer, it is similar to the question in the middle.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Alphabet Addition

It is the second week of school and our Maths groups has started again.
Today we had to refresh our minds and add numbers. For the words I used
the strategy called Partitioning and I also used this strategy to solve my questions
on the bottom.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

2015 Sports

Playing Sports in 2015 was fun, their were other sports I joined but my highlights was playing Softball, Rippa Rugby, Rugby League, Football, Touch, and Netball. Even though sometimes it's hard but it's still fun.
                                 In the beginning of 2015 I
joined softball, I had a choice to join Softball and not to, the reason why I didn't want to join because I would be playing in a team with year 8 girls, then I thought it will be the only way to get along with them. It was a good choice because we had a good team and came 1st in the eastern zone. We made it to the Auckland Championship Tournament held in North harbour, we didn't come a place but had fun.

Netball was hard but we did not give up. We played in the B grade and came 1st. It was difficult because we played in cold weather, we once played at night when there were thunders and lightening's. After the winter netball season finished our coaches put us in the summer league which was even harder because we were playing netball during summer. Next year I would like to play netball for Point England School for the very last time.


Rippa Rugby was one of my favourite sport because we had fun together and won the girls eastern zone at the Mt Wellington club. We made it to the Auckland Championship tournament where we challenged hard teams. My highlight was playing other teams and experience what it's like to play hard teams.

Mix touch was awesome because we came 1st and my favourite part was participating with the boys and winning the finals . I also played for the girls touch team and came 4th at the Auckland                                                                                                                  touch tournament.
                                                                                        Click here for the movie
Rugby was my favourite because their were heaps of         
tournament and games so we had to travel around                       
Auckland to compete with other schools. Our 
rugby 7's team came 3rd in Mangere.  The girls rugby            
league team came 3rd and our union rugby team came 1st at the eastern zone and had fun at the Auckland Championship. My highlight was having fun with my friends and having each others backs. Next year I look forward to playing with the yr 7's and competing with other schools.                                                                    
                                       This is our rugby photo in                                    2013 when we were yr 5 &6

My Reflection 2015/2016

In 2015, I was year 7, I was learning how to become a leader of the school. As the year went fast, I was getting more confident and knew what to do. The things why I liked 2015 was getting to know the year 8’s better. I also liked playing in different teams for sports and learning more skills. When it was the end of 2015 it was time for the year 8’s to hand their role to us.

Now that it is 2016 this year is to show what the year 8’s has shown us. My 2 top goals for 2016 is to become a good role model and show the young kids how to be a leader. My other goal is to join all sports teams and improve more skills.