Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Lost at Sea

There was a serious battle between the Germans and the British Empire. There were 2 young mens who  was part of the British Empire army, their names were Jeffery and Francis. Jeffery was 20 years old, he was 1 year older then Francis.

Jeffery, Francis and 3 others had a job of dropping bombs on their enemies. They had a problem with their plane, they were running out of fuels.  There were 5 in total on the plane, they all knew that they were about crash so they put on life jackets and held on to something tight. The plane was going down towards the sea, before the plane was crashing Jeffery and Francis jumped out of the plane. "CRASH", the plane was sinking, Jeffery and Francis were searching for the other 3. They couldn't find them but instead they found 2 boats. 

After ten days without fresh water and food (except Seafood) no one had came to rescue them. On the 11th day at the sea, it was burning hot, the water was nice and cold but the 2 starving mens were sleeping in the boats. 

There was an island near that Jeffery and Francis didn't know about. Some people on the island saw that their were 2 boats in the middle of the sea. So the got their boat and sailed out. When they got there, the islanders saw that the 2 white mens were fast asleep. So they tied the 2 boats on their boat and sailed back to the island. When Jeffery and Francis woke up they saw 5 different faces looking down at them. Then Francis looked at Jeffery and said " Do you want to know the good news", Jeffery replied "what is it" "were saved" Francis said in a small voice, "But the news is we don't know these people" Francis said. 

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