Thursday, 4 February 2016

2015 Sports

Playing Sports in 2015 was fun, their were other sports I joined but my highlights was playing Softball, Rippa Rugby, Rugby League, Football, Touch, and Netball. Even though sometimes it's hard but it's still fun.
                                 In the beginning of 2015 I
joined softball, I had a choice to join Softball and not to, the reason why I didn't want to join because I would be playing in a team with year 8 girls, then I thought it will be the only way to get along with them. It was a good choice because we had a good team and came 1st in the eastern zone. We made it to the Auckland Championship Tournament held in North harbour, we didn't come a place but had fun.

Netball was hard but we did not give up. We played in the B grade and came 1st. It was difficult because we played in cold weather, we once played at night when there were thunders and lightening's. After the winter netball season finished our coaches put us in the summer league which was even harder because we were playing netball during summer. Next year I would like to play netball for Point England School for the very last time.


Rippa Rugby was one of my favourite sport because we had fun together and won the girls eastern zone at the Mt Wellington club. We made it to the Auckland Championship tournament where we challenged hard teams. My highlight was playing other teams and experience what it's like to play hard teams.

Mix touch was awesome because we came 1st and my favourite part was participating with the boys and winning the finals . I also played for the girls touch team and came 4th at the Auckland                                                                                                                  touch tournament.
                                                                                        Click here for the movie
Rugby was my favourite because their were heaps of         
tournament and games so we had to travel around                       
Auckland to compete with other schools. Our 
rugby 7's team came 3rd in Mangere.  The girls rugby            
league team came 3rd and our union rugby team came 1st at the eastern zone and had fun at the Auckland Championship. My highlight was having fun with my friends and having each others backs. Next year I look forward to playing with the yr 7's and competing with other schools.                                                                    
                                       This is our rugby photo in                                    2013 when we were yr 5 &6


  1. Hi Taunese,
    you have a cool reflection about last year I hope that I could get closer to the year eight this year buy participating in sports because sports is fun and making friends is one of my hobbies.