Monday, 15 February 2016

My Visual Mihi

   In team 5 we have been told by our teachers to draw our own "Visual Mihi". Visual Mihi is when you draw 4 things that are important to you. Your face will be in the middle to show who you are.
Lets begin on the top right side, on the top right side is a map of Samoa, and on the map is a red dot and says "Savai'i". It was where I was born and where my mothers family comes from. I grew up in Savai'i till I was 3 year old and came to New Zealand.

On the top left side it says "Sports". I really like to play Sports but my favourite top 3 sports are, Rugby, Volley, and Netball. I have played rugby for my school for 4 years now and liked playing with my team mates and wining games and tournaments. I also like playing Volley but not for school, I play with my family and I also play for my church. Lastly I like to play Netball for my school and now it has been 5 years now. Last year I played for a club called Livewires, it was fun.

Down the bottom right is a Samoan flag. This flag shows what culture I am and where I come from. The brown bowl is what we call a "Tanoa", it was most known symbol in Samoa to show where we come from. My parents are both Samoan but comes from different villages.                                        

 My beliefs, I attend Auckland University Samoan Church (AOG) at Manurewa. I like to read the bible in my spare times and love to learn about Christ. Every year we have a combine which includes other churches from around Auckland comes together to celebrate a year we have had. 

At last my face in the middle to show who I am, I am Taunese.
So there you go my Visual Mihi about ME.

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  1. Hi Taunese Its me Liz, I really like your Mihi and picture you drawed. You are such an artist and last of all I like your picture in the middle.Keep up the awesome drawing. Liz😁😁😁