Thursday, 27 November 2014

Camp Bentzon

This is a movie that Elizabeth and I have created about the Point England Year 6 camp to Kawau Island. There were fun activities and my favourite activities were Sailing, Orienteering, and Abseiling. The night was when we had a concert because we were performing outside. Here is a video of us at Kawau Island.


On Friday morning, it was finally our touch tournament and Mr Somerville was our coach. When we finished getting ready, we went down to Dunkirk, we thought that some schools were already there but we were the first school to be there. As the others was setting up the Gizibo my friends and I warmed up.

As soon as most of the schools got there the games began. The first school that we played against was Tamaki Primary. At the end of the game the referee announced that we won by 8-0. Our next game was Glen Innes. It was our finals and we won all of our games, at the last games we were playing against Glenn Taylor. It was pretty hard because some girls were pretty fast, but anyways the hooter went and we won the finals, then we asked the year 5 team if they won then they said Yes. Then that means both Point England teams are champions.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

All About Guy Fawkes

Hi everyone, today I made a Presentation about how Guy Fawkes started. There are some facts about Guy Fawkes in the presentation and if you would like to know some more facts there is a link that it will take you to the Guy Fawkes site. So I hope you enjoy and learnt some new things.

Monday, 3 November 2014


On Friday the 31st of October, when school finished my 2 sisters , my little brother, my parent and I went to Mangere for Halloween. We stayed at my aunts house but, My older sister and my older cousin said that they will take us for Halloween. First was was dressed as a ghost and my little sister was a witch but my little brother was Spider Man. When we got back from Halloween, we watched a movie called The Monster House and ate Lollies. When the movie finished we were so tired so we slept over my aunts house. I can't wait till next year for Halloween because I am going to be dressed as a witch and we are going to Otara.