Friday, 25 July 2014

My Holiday Highlight

Today we had to write about our holidays and explain what we did.

“YAY IT’S FINALLY THE HOLIDAYS” it was the first day of holidays and I am packing my bag because me and my little sister is going for a sleepover at my aunt’s house . When my aunt arrived at our house, they picked us up and went, first I thought we were going straight to our aunt’s house but we were going to Papakura to buy some Popcorn and chips and more Junk food                  .

When we got at our aunt’s house, my older cousin turn on a movie for us to watch. We were watching How To Train Your Dragon Part 0ne , it was so cool that we get to watch and eat Popcorn or Chips. My little sister loved the movie but I didn’t because I have watched it too many times,so instead of watching the dum movie,I played on my cousins Laptop.

On the next day, it was my cousin’s 21st Birthday, it was held at Valentines Restaurant which was in Pakuranga . I thought that Valentines Restaurant was the best store ever because all the foods they had was “FREE”. After the amazing party we went to buy some Mcdonalds at Otara , I was so full that never ate Mcdonalds, all I ate was the Ice-cream,  and played on the park .

It was Wednesday morning and the sun was up, but I wasn’t, I was in bed been lazy to get up. When I woke up I washed my face and went to the kitchen, when I got to the kitchen my breakfast was ready. I had a big custard pineapple pie and cup of milo. I stayed at my aunt’s house until Sunday. My parents came to pick us up, we had to go because we are going into a New church.

What I enjoyed in the holidays was going to the Valentines Restaurant and eating lots of food. I wish next school holidays to be fun and better.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Titanic Movie

Taunese Titanic from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
This is my movie that I created on hyperstudio, hope you enjoy.

My Super Hero Narritive

Today we had to make up a narrative of a super hero.
here is my story that I wrote ,hope you enjoy.
No one never knows my secret. My name is Victoria Diva but I call myself THE LIGHTNING GIRL. I can change my lightning colours and every colour has a power, the blue lightning is for frozen,the orange lightning is for burning, green is for poisonous, purple is for big warts, and red is for lava, white is for can’t breathe, and  black is for darkness. I am a normal girl that lives with  my parents in a dark place.

When I was little I dreamed to have lightning powers and it came true and I had lots of powers and it was so Powerful. “Boom”   “what  was  that,” someone said, black clouds covered the blue sky and it began to get darker like it was night time. Something went through the dark clouds, then I noticed that someone was coming.

After I heard the sound I knew that we were in trouble so I ran home and put on my lightning suita and ran back. When the bad guys showed themselves, I used my blue power to freeze him but I missed him. I then used my red powers and I red lava trapped him, and just in time the police arrived.

After they they said thank you they went and took the bad guy, Whatever you need help, Lightning Girl is always here to help.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

My Experiment

Today,me and my partner have found a experiment about buoyancy.We are going to work it out if it works or not, I hope you enjoy.

This is what you need.
:small lump of blue tack
:bottle of 2 litres
:a pen lid
and a bucket