Thursday, 3 July 2014

My Super Hero Narritive

Today we had to make up a narrative of a super hero.
here is my story that I wrote ,hope you enjoy.
No one never knows my secret. My name is Victoria Diva but I call myself THE LIGHTNING GIRL. I can change my lightning colours and every colour has a power, the blue lightning is for frozen,the orange lightning is for burning, green is for poisonous, purple is for big warts, and red is for lava, white is for can’t breathe, and  black is for darkness. I am a normal girl that lives with  my parents in a dark place.

When I was little I dreamed to have lightning powers and it came true and I had lots of powers and it was so Powerful. “Boom”   “what  was  that,” someone said, black clouds covered the blue sky and it began to get darker like it was night time. Something went through the dark clouds, then I noticed that someone was coming.

After I heard the sound I knew that we were in trouble so I ran home and put on my lightning suita and ran back. When the bad guys showed themselves, I used my blue power to freeze him but I missed him. I then used my red powers and I red lava trapped him, and just in time the police arrived.

After they they said thank you they went and took the bad guy, Whatever you need help, Lightning Girl is always here to help.

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  1. Awesome writing Taunese. I like how the different lightning colours have different effects and that you used paragraphs to break up your story.