Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Builders Pet

It was Archie’s first day at his building work,at morning tea time Archie was eating his sandwiches and beside him there was a strange kitten on his lunch box washing its whiskers.Wherever Archie went the kitten was following Archie.When Archie got home ,he went at the back of his truck and he saw the kitten in a container full of nails ,Archie didn’t want the cat so he keeped the cat for only one day.The next day Archie was having his breakfast and the cat came to him so Archie gave the cat a little piece of his sandwich.Archie didn’t know what to do with the cat,so he kept the cat and he named the cat Nails.

My Food Chain

Every organise needs to obtain energy in order to live.A Food Chain always start with a producer . For example,plants get energy from the sun,sea some animals eat plants,and some animals eat other animals.Like in order a Killer Whale eats the sea lion and the sea lion eats the penguin.Here is a photo of a food chain.

Thursday, 23 May 2013


This is an article I read,it is about Takapu.
1.Where can you find a Takapu bird?

2.What does the baby Takapu do when they grow up?
3.When will the Takapu arrive from Australia?

The female bird lays one egg,and the female bird male bird takes turns to incubate the egg. The chick hatches about forty days later.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Antarctic Food Chain

We have been learning about Antarctica,but this is different cause we have made a Antarctic Food Chain and is a picture of it.

My Excited Weekend

This is about my Weekend that I went to watch my brothers games.
On Saturday we went to my brothers game.First we went to my brother’s game,his name is Kitiona and he plays for under 13 at Marist.My brother’s team was playing againest Ohtahuhu Cheetahs,they there game at Ohtahuhu.His team scored lots of tries and my brother scored 2 tries.But Ohtahuhu Cheetahs had no tries.The score was 70 to 0.There team won againest Ohtahuhu Cheetahs.

After that we went to my two big brothers game,there game started at 3.30 at Marists old park.My big brothers plays for under 21 at Marist.There team played againest Saint collages and they lost by 5 tries.Then we went home and watched Big Fat Lair.After that we went back to the parks and played kicks.

The Visit to Muriwai

This is my presentation that I made about a story that I read called A Visit to Muriwai.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Antartica Whales

Whales are large mammals,there lots of different   whale the live in the sea or in the ocean,some of them lives in Antarctica.Male whales are called bull,Female whales cow and the baby whales are called cups.Some whales Eats penguins and krills and lot of other animals.      


Antarctica is the coldest,driest land in the world.It is twice the size of Australia.People from all over the world travel to visit Antarctica like Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Africa. Scientists investigate climate change and the effects of global warming.


This is a story that I read with my teacher on the mat. 
1. Find three words in the story that tell you that it is winter

icicles,snow,and world is white

2. How was nana saving energy?
she walks in Ana’s deep boot tracks

3. Why did nan say that it was ok to make a snowman in the middle of the road?because the road is closed and school is closed

4. What did the police car have on it’s wheels to help it drive through the snow?chain wheels

5. Why were the children worried when they saw the police car?
They might get into big trouble

6. What did the policeman give to nan and the children?
A carrot for the snowmans noes

Once upon a time there lived a grandmother with two grand daughters,their names was Ani and Katy,they lived in a house that was covered in snow.Ani and katy didn’t go to school because the tracks was covered in snow and it was too cold.

One day the grandmother said “lets go for a walk in the snow we have been sitting here for 10 minutes”.Then they went for a walk in the snow.Then they stopped where the stop sign is.They builded a snowman with a the rock on it.

Then they saw the police car with chain on it wheels.They thought that their in trouble but the policeman got in his car and grabbed the carrot for the snowmans noes.

Immersion Assembly

It was the beginning of term 2 and the teachers dressed in different On a rainy day all the students of Pt England School were in the hall waiting for Mr Burt to tell us what was our topic for term 2.Our topic for term 2 is Pt England School Investigates. Then Mr Burt called out Team 1 up on the stage and their item was called measurement investigates and they have to measure the pink panther.Then Mr Burt called team 2 up the stage and Mrs She went around with her magnified flying glass and she checked children's ears, teeth, and eyes. Then after that it was team 3’s item,they blew the balloon and there was something that was in the balloon that made a sound when they spun it around.It was time for team 4’s item,Miss Lavakula was the penguin and Mr Somerville,Miss Ouano, Miss Garden,and Mr Marks were Investigating Intarctica.At last it was team 5’s item.They were cooking all sorts of stuffs.Mr Barks was making a friut juise,Miss Lagitupu was pretending to be Aunty Tala and she put corn beef and Miss Tito was just signing songs and eating chips.

My Holiday

This is my holiday story. On the Holidays my family went to my aunt's funeral but I didn't,I was at my cousins house busy playing games.We were playing tiggy and pretending to cook anything.When my family came to pick me up from my cousins house I asked if I can sleep over and then my brother asked if he can sleep over too,then my parents said “yes”.So I only slept over for 1 night.Then the next day my dad came to pick me and my brother.It was so fun sleeping over at my cousins.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Rugby League

Hi my name is Taunese and I have being practicing Rugby league. On a sunny morning room 13 went to the court for Rugby League.Our coach for Rugby League is James.First we warmed up. First we warmed up by playing Benji says and when James says something like run around we have to copy him and we are not allowed to go out the red cones.The next game we played was 10 passes,if the other team makes 10 passes we have to do 5 or 10 push ups and we get into groups and i was in the blue team.The third game that we played was goose,we have to practice our passing,we have to make a circle and one person has to run around the circle and the kids that in the circle has to beat the person that running around by passing it fast.The fourth game is called passback,we have to go at the back of the other person that in front .Then the person that in front has to run with the ball and the person that at the back has to run with the person and then that person has to pass the ball to the person at the back and the person that has the ball tries a score.The fifth skill that we played was called 1 on 2,the blue team has to a line on the other side and the red team has to make another line on the other side.The blue team has to pick a partner and they have to run with the ball and the red team has to defend.

RL Passing Back from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

A Very Special Visitor

On Thursday Afternoon the Pt England school were in the hall and the Manaiakalani school,we were waiting for the special visitor.While we were waiting for the special visitor Mr Burt told us who was the special visitor,when he told us that it was I was shocked.

WillIAmSpeaks from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.