Friday, 17 May 2013

Immersion Assembly

It was the beginning of term 2 and the teachers dressed in different On a rainy day all the students of Pt England School were in the hall waiting for Mr Burt to tell us what was our topic for term 2.Our topic for term 2 is Pt England School Investigates. Then Mr Burt called out Team 1 up on the stage and their item was called measurement investigates and they have to measure the pink panther.Then Mr Burt called team 2 up the stage and Mrs She went around with her magnified flying glass and she checked children's ears, teeth, and eyes. Then after that it was team 3’s item,they blew the balloon and there was something that was in the balloon that made a sound when they spun it around.It was time for team 4’s item,Miss Lavakula was the penguin and Mr Somerville,Miss Ouano, Miss Garden,and Mr Marks were Investigating Intarctica.At last it was team 5’s item.They were cooking all sorts of stuffs.Mr Barks was making a friut juise,Miss Lagitupu was pretending to be Aunty Tala and she put corn beef and Miss Tito was just signing songs and eating chips.

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