Wednesday, 22 May 2013

My Excited Weekend

This is about my Weekend that I went to watch my brothers games.
On Saturday we went to my brothers game.First we went to my brother’s game,his name is Kitiona and he plays for under 13 at Marist.My brother’s team was playing againest Ohtahuhu Cheetahs,they there game at Ohtahuhu.His team scored lots of tries and my brother scored 2 tries.But Ohtahuhu Cheetahs had no tries.The score was 70 to 0.There team won againest Ohtahuhu Cheetahs.

After that we went to my two big brothers game,there game started at 3.30 at Marists old park.My big brothers plays for under 21 at Marist.There team played againest Saint collages and they lost by 5 tries.Then we went home and watched Big Fat Lair.After that we went back to the parks and played kicks.

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