Friday, 17 May 2013


This is a story that I read with my teacher on the mat. 
1. Find three words in the story that tell you that it is winter

icicles,snow,and world is white

2. How was nana saving energy?
she walks in Ana’s deep boot tracks

3. Why did nan say that it was ok to make a snowman in the middle of the road?because the road is closed and school is closed

4. What did the police car have on it’s wheels to help it drive through the snow?chain wheels

5. Why were the children worried when they saw the police car?
They might get into big trouble

6. What did the policeman give to nan and the children?
A carrot for the snowmans noes

Once upon a time there lived a grandmother with two grand daughters,their names was Ani and Katy,they lived in a house that was covered in snow.Ani and katy didn’t go to school because the tracks was covered in snow and it was too cold.

One day the grandmother said “lets go for a walk in the snow we have been sitting here for 10 minutes”.Then they went for a walk in the snow.Then they stopped where the stop sign is.They builded a snowman with a the rock on it.

Then they saw the police car with chain on it wheels.They thought that their in trouble but the policeman got in his car and grabbed the carrot for the snowmans noes.

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