Monday, 30 May 2016


As the door opened by itself, making the sound of screeching. Alma trespassing into a strange room filled with old ugly, creepy dolls. Then seeing the doll of herself in the center room. Desperate to get it,  walking towards the doll and nearly touching it. Something interrupts her moment. An old dusty doll riding his tricycle, as Alma makes it comfortable to ride around. It then rides straight to the open door, but the door just closes by itself. The old dusty doll was still trying to escape. To Alma it seems as it was desperate to get out. The word of “Strange” was in her head repeating. Looking back at the doll it was gone! It was like the doll was alive, giving Alma clues to follow her. She then saw the doll in the middle of the other old dusty dolls. She climbed the old chair, she reached out to the doll that looked exactly like her. But she wasn’t tall enough, she took one step on the shelves and took a second chance.


  1. Your writing is good but I think you could do better.

  2. Your writing is good but I think you could do better.

  3. Hi Taunese,
    I really enjoyed your piece of writing and I think its really descriptive and detailed. I can't wait until you finish off the story and the part when she gets sucked into the doll, I'll be sure to leave a comment again on that one.

  4. Hi Seini,

    Thanks for the comment and the the encouragement that you have put in to this. I don't know if I will finish the story but there will be other writing stories on my blog you can check out. Sure to get a comment from you again.



  5. Ok I will be sure to comment again on your blog.

    Your Sincerely, Seini