Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Immersion Assembly Term 2

First day back to school for Term 2, it was Immersion Assembly. The Topic for Term 2 was As i see it. Looking around and watching teachers dressed in different costumes, it was for their item. Team 1 was first up, their focus for this term was Their favourite things. They will be changing their favourite things into Art and creating things.

Next up was Team 2, what they will be focusing on Seasons. Each class will have a season to learn about. They will each have a colour related to every season like bright red for the sun, and white for snow. Team 3’s whole focus for this term was architect. Building and designing houses that they want. Team 3’s movie was similar to a t.v programme called Grand Designs.

Team 4’s item was my favourite. Teachers were dressed in superhero costumes for their movie. There was Wondering Woman, Bat Guy, Team Leader America, and the Amatuer Heroes. They had a team name, “Teacher Avengers”. They will be creating their own comics. There was a movie playing  made by the Team 4 teachers, it was a comic. Team Avengers saved the Amatuer Heroes and took back the Bobby Jon’s Chromebook from bad Bear Baxendine.

At last was Team 5. Team 5 had  a House Competition Race. Mrs Tele’a was dressed in blue representing Hinemoana, Miss Berry was in red representing Te Aurere, Mrs Garden was dressed in Green representing Hokule’a, and Miss Sadler was covered in Yellow representing Hikianalia.  They were having a Waka Race, Hokule’a won the waka race. Team 5’s whole focus for term 2 is learning about our ancestors who brought up the 4 waka’s and turning it into Art.

This Term I will be looking forward to creating artworks and learning about the ancestors 4 waka. I am also looking forward to seeing all the other team's work  on PENN (Point England News Network). Keep checking my blog for the work that I will b doing this term.

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