Tuesday, 10 May 2016

#Year 8 Marsden Camp#

Marsden A group
After leaving Point England School and Glen Innes we  were on our way to Marsden Christian Camp in Whangarei. In the bus I was trying to sleep but my mates around were being loud. It took us….3 hours to get there, but we survived.

When we got there, we all helped each other unload the 2 buses. After unloading the 2 buses, the owners, Michael and Venetia introduced themselves. We went for a walk around the field but then it started raining. Everyone, were eating except Rowana and I.

After finishing our lunches we settled into our cabins. We were in the first cabin where the girls were, cabin 9. In my cabin was Khaia, Marilyn, Rowana, Elizabeth U, Elizabeth G, Ava, Melenoa, and I. We couldn’t get into our activities because it was raining. Instead we had plan b which was learning about words. What I have learnt that day was Words are Powerful and it could hurt anyone if you use in a bad way. Later that day we had a saying, “Words are powerful, Walk the talk”.

Myself on flying fox
On the next day we finally got to do our activities. Our first activity was the flying fox. After putting on my harness I was ready to go first. Standing up high and getting ready to come down, I was so scared and nervous that I wanted to come down. When Mr Jacobsen finished doing my sling it was time to come down on the flying fox. While I came down, I didn’t worry about anything but just to hold on tight. When I got down I wanted to go again. After having 5 turns we had the water slide next.

The water slide was fun because the slide was long and slippery. The Push play was also fun because we got to play heaps of sports. My favourite Activity of the day was Kayaking. The reason why I liked kayaking was because we got to do a lot of activities on our canoes. I fell heaps of times.  I also got the chance to learn better and improve kayaking. Most of all was when Promise, Collin and I teamed up and capsized Miss Berry.

During free time I would play Volleyball with my friends and have fun. On the third day it was time for us to leave Marsden Christian Camp. What I have learnt at Marsden Leadership camp was to treat everyone equally and encourage our teammates and most of all choosing our words wisely.  Marsden Leadership Camp is AWESOME.

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  1. Taunese,

    it was so lovely to see you at Pt England today, thank you for coming up and saying hello. My how you have grown since I taught you three years ago!

    Reading your blog it sounds like you took away some good messages from camp '.. treat everyone equally and encourage our teammates and most of all choosing our words wisely'. I have to say I remember you demonstrating those qualities when I taught you.

    Miss Burne