Wednesday, 29 March 2017

My well-being(health)

In this photo, there are 5 logs that represents my well being. This includes God in the center and my outsides, parents, sports, education and my siblings. Wheres my family is the bottom where everything comes out of like God. My family introduced god to me. Where's my roof would be my culture. My culture is very important to me. My culture is the reason why I'm like this. Reason why I am respectful, helpful, and many other positive things. My ancestors taught me these things. My outside is my friends because they are always there for me. This is my Well Being.  

Wednesday, 1 March 2017


Wharetapu wha
  1. Physical: Body, running, sleeping, food
  2. Mental/Emotional:Mindset and Feelings
  3. Spiritual: Beliefs and Values
  4. Social: Family and Friends

What is Hauora?A hauora are 4 walls together to build your health. The 4 wall names are Physical, Mental/Emotional, Spiritual, and Social.
Physical: What I like to do for physical would be keeping myself active. Like playing sports such as rugby, netball, touch, and volleyball. Sometimes I like to go for a run with my older brothers because my sisters doesn’t bother. I also balance my food like eating healthy food and island food at the same time.

Mental/Emotional: Everyday 24/7, I enjoy being happy with my friends and my family. But then when something unusual happens I’m not myself but my peers are always around to help me be myself. Like funerals, when someone has passed we gather around those who are uncomfortable. We all laugh together and we also cry together.

Spiritual: As an islander, my parents push us children to go church every Sunday. From my generations, we believe that Jesus is our god and savior. We are known as Christians. So this means that church is not an option in our lives. We go church to receive the blessing and the strength that our god gives us.

Social: My family and friends are the best things that has happened in my life. They are always there for me and I really appreciate it. When there are sad times, we all feel the same way. Family and friends would be my top priority in my life.