Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Miss Robertson Migration Story

On Monday, our teacher Ms Robertson invited her mother to come in and speak to our class about why she migrated to NZ. The reason why she was asked to speak about her migration story was because our social studies class was learning about migration. She told us the story about her migrating to NZ and we had questions to be answered. Here are the questions and answers about her story.

1. How many years has Ms Robertson been in NZ ? (think about what year she arrived in NZ)
She arrived in 1962, so she’s been in NZ for 55 years
  • Push: She was a only 18 years old when she came to NZ on her own.
  • Pull: She payed for her sister and brothers fairs

2. What sort of work did she do when she first arrived in NZ ?
She worked at the hospital in Cornwall Auckland.
  • Push:She didn’t understand the language and she was new to the life of NZ
  • Pull: She asked questions about what to do everytime and she knew what to do and enjoyed the job.

3. What do you remember about how Mrs Robertson was brought up by her parents ?
Her parents was the 1 voice that they all had to listen to because they had better ways of doing life.
  • Push: The kids weren’t allowed to talk back to their parents because they’ll give them a hiding.
  • Pull: They obeyed their parents, the words that her parents gave them helped their lives become easier

4. What was the main reason why Mrs Robertson was sent to NZ ?
To come to New Zealand and work to get money, so she can send it to her family in Samoa to build their expected home. But mostly have a better life in NZ.
  • Push: She was the only family member that was sent to NZ to work and get money for their family in Samoa
  • Pull: It was a good opportunity for her because when she finished helping her family in the islands, she enjoyed her life.

5, What did she do with her first Pay packet ?
  Every week she got her pay packet, she sent it to Samoa to help build their home.
  • Push: She had to put money together and every week she’ll have to go and send it to Samoa
  • Pull: She’s using her money wisely by sending it to Samoa to their family, to help them with the house.

6.What things did she need help with  when she first came to NZ ?
When she came to New Zealand she needed help speaking english because she was in NZ.
  • Push: Not knowing how to speak english can be a problem when she’s working because part of the job is to ask questions and she wasn’t a confident speaker.
  • Pull: She can learn a new culture and have it as a second language

7. What did you enjoy or find most interesting about Mrs Robertson story ?
I enjoyed the way she described her journey migrating to New Zealand from Samoa. She had a good reason why she came to NZ and work hard for.

  • Push: She was expected to come to NZ by herself without any of her family members. She also didn’t know how to speak english when she arrived.
  • Pull: She was the first member in her family to experience a new life and try new things. Also she learnt how to speak a new culture which was english. She lived a better, easier life.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Migration Model

This is my google drawing that I created about Migration. Something new I learnt from this activity was pull and push reasons. This was another way of negative and positive reasons - push(negative), pull(positive). So I wrote 3 reasons each about both headings why people migrate from Tokelau to New Zealand. But there's concepts by migrating - obstacles that'll block people's ways from migrating. Some of the concepts that can stop people from migrating to other countries is migration papers. Having to sign heaps of papers to consider official migrate. Also they might not have the money to pay for the passports and papers. This is my diagram about Migration Model.

Friday, 9 June 2017

My 1st College Exam

Sitting the Mid Term Exams :

Last week was mid - year exams for the school. It was my very first time doing college exams. It was for 2 hours!!. But I managed to get pass and done with it. I had 5 exams - maths, science, english, Maori, and social studies. I found these 2 hour exams annoying and frustrating. The subject I found these 2 things in more oftenly will probably be maths. Because people were talking and throwing things around when I was trying to focus. It was an exam. Also I found a little difficulty in some of the maths work that was being answered. But I think I did pretty good in maths.

But the exam that I think I was really good at was social studies. Why? Because before the subject exam, I was studying really hard on social studies because there were heaps of things I learnt. So I put in my effort in this exam and expected I’ve done my best to my standards.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Keyboard Warriors

What are keyboard warriors?
Keyboard warriors is when people go on social media and write down what ever they want about other people. Most people can say bad things they like and post it up on social media. Where the other person doesn't know who wrote the post that was about them.

Why are there keyboard warriors?

One of the reasons why I think there are keyboard warriors is because those people wants to get attentions and be known for making fun of the person they dislike. One other  reason is that keyboard warrior is easier because no one knows who is doing it. It would also take a lot of courage for the person to say it in other people's faces. 

What can we do to help stop keyboard warriors?
Making sure no one is doing this. Or keeping track of the keyboard warrior person that is wanting to do this. Also let other people know when other people is being a keyboard warrior.