Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Keyboard Warriors

What are keyboard warriors?
Keyboard warriors is when people go on social media and write down what ever they want about other people. Most people can say bad things they like and post it up on social media. Where the other person doesn't know who wrote the post that was about them.

Why are there keyboard warriors?

One of the reasons why I think there are keyboard warriors is because those people wants to get attentions and be known for making fun of the person they dislike. One other  reason is that keyboard warrior is easier because no one knows who is doing it. It would also take a lot of courage for the person to say it in other people's faces. 

What can we do to help stop keyboard warriors?
Making sure no one is doing this. Or keeping track of the keyboard warrior person that is wanting to do this. Also let other people know when other people is being a keyboard warrior.

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