Friday, 9 June 2017

My 1st College Exam

Sitting the Mid Term Exams :

Last week was mid - year exams for the school. It was my very first time doing college exams. It was for 2 hours!!. But I managed to get pass and done with it. I had 5 exams - maths, science, english, Maori, and social studies. I found these 2 hour exams annoying and frustrating. The subject I found these 2 things in more oftenly will probably be maths. Because people were talking and throwing things around when I was trying to focus. It was an exam. Also I found a little difficulty in some of the maths work that was being answered. But I think I did pretty good in maths.

But the exam that I think I was really good at was social studies. Why? Because before the subject exam, I was studying really hard on social studies because there were heaps of things I learnt. So I put in my effort in this exam and expected I’ve done my best to my standards.

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  1. Keep up the good work in class Taunese. You have managed to produce some good results in the Term 2 exam. I am sure if you remain consistent with your efforts, you will produce continue to produce good results.