Wednesday, 30 March 2016


This was a quick activity for our literacy class to know what is
Fact and Opinion. What I have learnt is that Fact is always true, and
Opinion is not always true and you could always change.

Leather Satchel

During this week we have been reading and answering a story called
Leather Satchel. This story was in 1930's and as we were reading this
story it seemed different looking at the old photos and comparing it to
the stories after 1990's. This presentation shows some things part of
the story.

Thursday, 24 March 2016


Easter means a lot to me. Easter is not all about Chocolate Eggs and Easter bunny, they just brought that up so we can enjoy Easter. But I know that Easter eggs represent the full moon when the lord rose again. But before Easter happens there is "Good Friday", good Friday was when our Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins. After 3 days Jesus has rose again and that is why Easter is named. That is the story of Easter.

Monday, 14 March 2016


Last week in our literacy class, my group Ruapehu was reading a story
called Thirst. This story was all about water. A family of 4 was poor
and couldn't afford water. It was because it was drought season where
it hardly rains. A boy called Ryder decided to get water from his next door
neighbor so he can wash  his sisters and his school uniforms. This
presentation is all about Thirst and it answers most of the questions that are
in the story. There is also a graph that shows how Ryder's street shares

Monday, 7 March 2016

The Spirit of the bird

This presentation is about the Spirit of the Bird. It is about the Tangata
Whenua when they arrived into the land they have been hunting Moa's.
Our literacy group has read a story called Spirit of the bird and story answers
most of the questions that are in the story.

Hunting the Stag

This week my reading group called Ruapehu, was reading a story called The Stag.
In the story there was a kid named Steve, he went hunting with his Unlce Wili,
it was his first time hunting and he was excited. They were hunting for a Stag.
As they set of to hunt Steve got more excited. In the presentation it tells
what had happened to the stag. So read and find out.