Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Wild Orphans 1

This is a story that I read with my teacher that about Wild Orphans.
a). A place where orphans live because they have no living parents


b). A person or group of persons who hunt and kill animals for food, sport or money hunters

c). A deer like mammal with long legs and horns antelope

d). Found out about discovered

e). Defend from trouble, harm or loss protect

f). Continue to live or exist after a difficult experience

g). Not tame or domesticated wild

h). Baby elephants calves
i). Food that a person or animal regularly eats diet

j). A milk powder substance mixed with water for animals or babies to drink formula

1. What other animals apart from elephants are at the Tsavo National Park?rhinos,lions,hippos, and antelopes.

2. How do baby elephants become orphans? the hunters killed their mothers for their tusks

3. How long does it take for elephants to become an adult elephant?one year or two years
4. Why is it important to pick up a baby elephant that’s been orphaned quickly?
because when their mothers die they have no milk

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Ripper Rugby Taunese

On a sunny Wednesday the year 5 girls team and the mixed boys and girls team were in the hall with their hats,bags,and water bottle. After we got changed we went back in the hall and Miss Vaafusuaga said a prayer for us so that we remember the things that we practice all week.When Miss Vaafusuaga finished doing the prayer we went in the car and Miss Vaafusuaga drove us to Dunkirk reserve. We got there and put up the tent so that we can put our bags under it.Then we went for a warm up,first we played savaivor game,we have to rip the other persons both tag of then they are out.Then the bell rang and that bell reminds us to go to our first game.My group was playing againest Oraki Primary School.Jordenne scored the first try and Maleni scored the second try and then the bell rang again for the second half and our team scored lotsof trys and then the bell rang again then that means the game is finished and our team won.Then we had a lunch break then we went to the field that we played on and practice some skills.After that we had a game with Saint Thomas School their was a named Wesley that uesed to come to our school that now go to Saint Thomas School.She had the ball and she had a run away and had a score for her team.But by the way we had 4 scores and Faioso had the last try and the bell rang at same time,so we won at that game.Then we moved to field 3 and we played againest Te Papa,on that game we had a draw with them then we had verse them again at the finals,we scored 1 try and they scored 2 trys so we lost.They get to go to Eden Park but the good news is that the mixed boys and girls team won and get to go to Eden Park.Heres a photo of the girls team and the mixed boys and girls team holding the cup.

Wacky Sunhats

This is a article book that I read that has children making Wacky Sunhats,there friend didn't bring their hats.It is inportant to wear a hat to protect your skin, you also might get sun burn.