Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Social Responsibility PE

What is Social Responsibility?
Social Responsibility in Physical Education would be managing myself such as my actions, my time management and turning up with the right gear.

What level were you during our lesson and why?
During the game lape (samoan softball), I would grade myself level 4 because I apply to all level 3 exhibits. I am always willing to work with others although I don't know them too well. I compliment and encourage others and include those who aren't too comfortable or feel left out. When I feel like I'm not giving all my effort, I ask others and teacher what they think and take in their advice to help me improve.

What could you do in order to improve your level of Social Responsibility for next lesson?
Something I could do to improve my level would be.... try and lead the team to success in an activity. Try to use my skills out of physical education and see what happens. Trying new ideas.

Do you have any questions about your learning you still need answered? Yes
How does the world outside of physical education apply to Social Responsibility?
Why is Social Responsibility so important in and out of physical education?
How can Social Responsibility help me with my career when I leave school?

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