Thursday, 17 May 2018

All about my Significant place

Today in Social Studies, we were to write about our significant place with 3 reasons why. Like I said before on my other significant blog post, my significant place is my village in Samoa; Lauli'i. 

The place that is significant to me is .... My village in Samoa - Lauli’i because … it is the place where my genealogy birthed. It is the place where my ancestors were born and were raised up, coming down to my parents as well as myself and my older siblings. This significant place of mine is the place where my identity started and thrived since I was born until I moved to NZ in 2005. It provided myself food, especially cultivation food from our family plantation. Lauli’i provided fresh water…. Provided shelter where I lay as a child and warmth from the sun. Most of all my village gave me love that I now give to others as well as the knowledge that they passed down to me that I now use. Although I haven’t been back but I still remember everything that this place has done for myself and my ancestors. This is why Lauli’i is my significant village because it was where my life started as a young child experiencing life.

Above is a paragraph I wrote myself about my significant place and why. Below are my 3 reasons about this significant place of mine.

Aesthetic means beautiful. I believe that Lauli'i is the most beautiful part of Samoa. The lush green branches and the blue, clean waterfall within the village. The houses that are built in the village are also beautiful surrounded by beautiful colours of the flowers that decorates the presence.  

One historical moment that I never forget is having this place as my birth place. Aswell as my ancestors. It is the place where my ancestors were born and raised up to be who they are as well as myself until I reached 3 years of age when I had to leave. But this place is history. Many magical things has happened at this place. Wars, celebrations, birth and much more. 

Lauli'i is a cultural place. People in this village has shown cultural values aswell as our very own village values. Like loving each other, when they need help... a hand is lent by neighbours. Showing hospitality to visitors from overseas. These values are being shown by the people in the village and it defines cultural is cherished and sustained in the village. 

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