Friday, 11 May 2018

Will Smith's Well Being

Describe what is happening in the video with links to Will Smith’s well-being:

Emotional/Mental well-being:
Uncle Phil awarded Will Smith with a season ticket to the clippers for his impressive behaviour lately. Will was very happy with the award he had received. But then he knew that he didn't deserve it because he was hiding something he had been hiding that was unacceptable to his family and for his health. Will immediately was emotional because he had to confess something that Uncle Phil wouldn't expect from him. 

Spiritual well-being:
Uncle Phil wanted to award Will with his achievements from school. He wanted to save the tickets for Will's graduation but he was too happy with Will's recent achievements so he awarded it early but it turned out that Will didn't deserve it. 

Social well-being:
Will Smith lived with is Uncle's family who cared about him, especially his health. Will was surrounded with people who loved him who treated him as their own son or brother. When Will told his family that he's been taking pills, his family reacted with disappointment and surprise because they cared for Will and his health. When they saw Will was sorry for what he did, they forgave him. 

Physical well-being:
Will told his family that some boys at his school gave him pills for him to take in order for him to be awake. Uncle Phil and his family weren't happy with Will's choices of keeping pills because it'll affect his health. It could also affect his actions on the basketball courts.  

Explain what positively or negatively affected Will Smith’s well-being:
Will was very fortunate to have a family who cared about his well-being. But Will made wrong decisions off keeping his health well. He accepted pills from students at his school because he thought that the pills would help him keep awake at his basketball training and games but he didn't know that the pills could do so much more. Affecting his health. He told Uncle Phil about what he had done after he was awarded for his achievements, and Uncle Phil got mad at Will because his actions was unacceptable. Taking in things that weren't good for his health and his sons health too. 

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