Thursday, 12 September 2013

Papaka and Koura

I have read a story called Papaka and Koura,they both wanted to be shiny and beautiful.Here is a paragraph of me retelling the story with my own words,also their are pictures of Papaka and Koura,

I have read a story called Papaka and Koura,it is a story about the crayfish and the crab,they both wanted their shells shiny and sparkly.Papaka and Koura saw the butterflies flying around the sky.Papaka called out to them and said my “friends ,how did you turn your wings into shiny wing” , “we fly through the rainbow and we turned into the seven colours”,the butterflies replied.Koura said,”well we can’t do that”.The butterflies went away.A little while Koura saw the glitter birds,the birds were sparkle and the wing were colourful,Koura called out to the birds, “my friends,how did your wings turn so bright”,well we zoomed  into the sky and something happened,our wings turned bright and shiny,well we can’t do that.Papaka and Koura went under the water,the Butterflies and the birds followed,for a little while Papaka and Koura came out of the water,the birds were so amazed and so was the butterflies,the birds asked Papaka and Koura how they got their shells bright,then the Papaka replied,we went under the water,the butterflies said well we can’t do that at all.The moral of the story is to like the you are and don't feel like you are ugly because you'll never know.

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