Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A love story

This was an old story that happend in Rotorua in a long time is a story of it and two pictures.Long long time ago there was a beautiful lady called Hinemoa,all of the man wanted to meet her but Hinemoa’s dad didn’t want her to marry any of the man that came to see her.One day their was a special meeting,there was a warrior and his family that live in Mokoia Island,Mokoia Island is across the river from Hinemoa’s village.One night Hinemoa and Tutanekai had a plan to meet up,in the Hinemoa goes on a waka or swim to Mokoia Island,and Tutanekai plays his flute.After all Hinemoa and Tutanekai was together.

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  1. I loved your retelling of this story. This is one of my favourite stories from Aotearoa. I love your pictures you've drawn too. You've worked so hard on them.