Friday, 21 June 2013

My Wonderful story about Football

This is my football story that we played in the hall, Please leave me a comment.
On a wet morning I was so excited because we were going to the hall for Football,we had Football in the hall because it was muddy and wet on the field. Some of us were cold because in the hall it was freezing cold,then Miss Lavakula made us run around on the red line.After that we played Octopus.Then we sat and listened to our coach named Ben.

He told us to get into groups of 4, in my group was Jessica,Promise, and Shelford. We had some skills and that was passing and juggling,our group did passing.We had to pass the ball to each other,we had to pass the ball by kicking it with our feet.

Then we had a game playing against the other team,we were the  yellow bib.Our first game that we played was the green bib,The green bib lost against us by 1 point.Then we played our final game but we lost.That was so cool.

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