Wednesday, 7 May 2014

All about my Holiday

It was my little sisters birthday in the holidays.we had so much fun so have a look and I hope you enjoy.
Guess what I did in the Holidays?First we went to chipmunks at Pakuranga,we went there because it was my little sisters birthday.I went on the big slid,when I went down it was so cool.

Then we went to the McDonalds, we had a big feed.After that we went to my brothers rugby game at Pakuranga.It was so cool that they won Against Pakuranga!

Finally we got  home and had a party with our cousins and Aunts and uncles.We had BBQ,Ice Cream Chocolate Cake and Lollies.

At last since we were so tired and had  a big day,we went to sleep.It was so fun and hopefully we would have another party like is my paragraph rubric that I marked.

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