Friday, 31 October 2014

Getting a New Netbook

It was Wednesday and Morning tea was finished. As I walked inside our maths class, Mrs Jacobsen called me to come. "Guess what" she said, "What" I replied, You guys are going to get a free new netbook" " What" we said with excitement, then we had to go to the staff room to see Mrs Tele'a. Mrs Tele'a told us we will get it after lunch time. So after lunch time, I walked through the breeze and saw heaps of brown boxes. When we sat down in the hall, the Variety boss talked about how they give netbooks out for free. After she finished talking they gave out netbooks to kids from different schools around our area. It was finally our turn to get our netbooks now, when they called out my name I stood up and got my netbook and walked on the stage. My cousin Iron was next to me she was so nervous but I wasn't because I am happy that I have a new netbook. I was so blessed to have a brand new netbook. Thank you so much Warehouse and Variety!

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